Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

Just kidding… I’m not going to start off like that. In fact, I’m not going to do a lot of things.

I’m not going to go on and on about how great my articles are and name thirty reasons why you should buy them. I have no interest in trying to SELL my content to you… I want you to WANT it…

I’m not going to say my PLR will earn you seven figures next year… I also highly doubt that my content will have CNN or FOX calling begging to interview you.

I’m not going to say my PLR is the best on the market. I’ve befriended several PLR sellers on this forum who produce excellent content and I have no interest in competing with them… I’d much rather working alongside them.

All I’m going to do is ask for thirty seconds of your time… only to check out several samples of my writing…

After all, it doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter how amazing I say my content is. All that does matter… to me… is that every time you purchase from me, you’re ecstatic. I want you to read through the articles you receive with a massive grin. If you drool or burst into tears of happiness, even better.

Enough blabbing. Take a look at a couple writing samples below and assess the quality yourself.

Start Your Very Own Tasty Kettle Corn Truck (Make Money Niche Pack)

A Complete Overview Of The Macrobiotic Diet (Weight Loss Niche Pack)

iContact Review – Everything You Need To Know About iContact… and Whether It’s Right for YOU! (Email Marketing Niche Pack)

Top 5 Factors on How to Select the Right Reseller Hosting Plan so That You Don’t Regert It Later – Factor #1… Reliability and Uptime (Reseller Hosting Niche Pack)

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So, what’d you think? If you’ve stuck around, that must mean you’re at least somewhat happy with what you read. Let me get into a bit of the nitty-gritty so, should you decide to purchase any of my PLR article packs below, there won’t be any confusion about what you’ll be receiving.

My PLR is very… different. My articles are extremely conversational. I write like I speak. I won’t recite to your visitors a list of information they can find elsewhere such as specifications on products… they can find plenty of other PLR that does that. In a friendly manner, your visitors will be explained what they want to know: why the product or service will help them, any drawbacks, how it compares to alternatives, and so on. (This is case for product reviews which is one of my “specialties”.) Basically… I provide them with the need-to-know information in which has been holding them back from completing their purchase.

My PLR converts visitors into leads, buyers, and subscribers. It has been optimized to increase conversions and put money in your pocket. With my main focus being on product reviews (not to say you won’t love my niche article packs… because you will), whether you’re building a list or promoting affiliate offers, this is the content that is going to skyrocket your bottom line. Think about the return when it comes to purchasing a pack of product review articles. Yes, it will cost you a couple pretty pennies for the content… but how much is it going to make you? Many of the companies you’ll be promoting offer commissions exceeding $100. The most EXPENSIVE pack of articles I sell is merely $14!!!

My PLR makes Google happy. Not only is it optimized for conversions, it’s also optimized for SEO. No, I promise these articles are not keyword stuffed. I’m not a robot. I also promise that they don’t read poorly to satisfy Google’s needs. The content flows organically, artistically, and downright beautifully.

My PLR is written from the ground up. This is NOT the kind of PLR that you have to go through and edit half the article for it to be readable or flow properly. These articles aren’t a compilation of OTHER articles. The research is done, article is drawn up… and edited plenty of times before it’s completed. I do my absolute best to make it clear of grammatical and spelling errors.

My PLR has never been released before… ever. When new article packs are released, they’ve never seen the light of day. They’ve never, not even by me, been put online. My subscribers get first dibs on all articles for 24 hours (sign up on the home page of HighConvertingPLR.com!) then they’re posted in this WSO.

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