115,000 - PLR Article MEGA Bundle

115,000 – PLR Article MEGA Bundle

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Let me make a few predictions.
You’re not making enough money. At least not nearly enough to enjoy.

You also don’t have a lot of time. At least not nearly enough as you’d like.

Let me guess, you’re also looking for something that will allow you to profit more but work less.

Perhaps something that will allow you to instantly profit from selling a product as if it were your own without the time, money and effort to research and develop the product.

If so, your prayers are answered here today.

The Real Reason Why You’re Not Making
Nearly As Much Money As You’d Like
Thing is, people don’t realize how much pain they’re inflicting on themselves when they try to start an Internet business. They try to go with whatever hobby or knowledge they know of and think that is all they need.

But they have absolutely no idea how to build a website. They also don’t know how to write sales copy that convert. They have no idea how to even put their products online for customers to download. Worst yet, they have to spend weeks and even months to write an ebook only to be laughed at.

Instead of relaxing vacations and new cars, most people only get larger credit card bills to pay each month and even less time with their family.

Are you in this situation right now?

Would you like to get out of this rut and stop spinning your tires?

All You Need Is One Idea To Start
Making Some “Serious” Money…
Yes! Private Label Rights BusinessListen, you don’t have to be a college graduate or super genius to understand the simple economics of an online business. You don’t have to possess some special knowledge or expertise. You don’t have to learn how to tap into your subconscious and pull out a product.

My goodness, why do people try so hard just to fall flat on their face?

All you need is a simple idea.

No writing skills… no super brain power… no college degree… no knowledge or expertise… no technical know-how… no research abilities… no special skills or talents.

Just the ability to take action on an idea!

And if you can’t think of any on your own, we can provide you with more than 400 different niches to profit from with hundreds of unique products added each and every month.

Most people go about things the hard way, when it isn’t nearly as difficult as all that!

Sure, there are a lot of things that go into creating a product and selling it online, but most of it can be passed off for someone else to do for you at little or no cost. (Hint: We explain it all below)

All you really need is a simple idea. (And we even show you where to find those, too!)

Let us set the record straight right here and now: there are certain things that absolutely are not necessary in order to make money with information products…

The 7 Myths about Starting An
Information Products Business …
1. You have to be a writer

Nah! Not really! You don’t have to write a word and still get a completed products! There are so many ways of getting this done and you’ll learn exactly how to do it while keeping 100% of the commissions!

2. You need a “million-dollar” idea

Nope! Not at all! It can be a $1 idea and make plenty of money. Ever heard of doubling a penny every day for 30 days? If you do, it equals over $10.7 MILLION!

You can be incredibly successful without a lot of creativity and blockbuster projects. All it takes is one tiny idea to get the cash flow started. More details below.

3. You need to be an expert

Truth is, you can be Larry “The Cable Guy” and not have a clue about life but still make a massive income. There’s high school kids doing this, there’s retired senior citizens doing this, there’s people from “3rd world countries” doing this.

What makes YOU the exception to being able to do this?

4. You need to have an endless source of buyers

Not entirely true. With what you’ll learn from our exclusive group is that you’ll be able to sell multiple products, multiple times to the EXACT same customer. So if you play your cards right, you’d be a wealthy person with just 100 customers a month! 100 is NOT an endless amount, is it?

5. You need to have a list

You telling me there are people who CAN’T make a massive amount of income WITHOUT a list? Please! There are folks making millions without a single lead! Hurry up and finish reading this so you can learn how!

6. You need a lot of time

Got a week? Heck, you got an hour? You can LITERALLY set up a website and have it ready to take in orders in as little as 5 ag-ah-nize-ing minutes!

You’ll be making money in no time! You don’t have to spend weeks or even months trying to create a business. In just a week, you could have built yourself an entire digital empire!

7. You need a lot of money

You know what really takes a lot of money? STOCKS.

Sure, you can open an account and invest as little as $25… what are you going to get out of it though?

You know what else needs a lot of money? LOTTERY.

You’ll more than likely SPEND more money than you would win. The odds are against you. No doubt about it.

You know what else costs a lot of money? COLLEGE.

Even after getting a degree or two or three, you have zero guarantees of getting a job you’d ENJOY. There’s college grads working as babysitters, bar tenders, and flipping burgers at McDonald’s… come on! Now THAT’S expensive!

How Our PLR eBook Club Can Change
Your Digital and Financial Life Forever…

Quickly and easily set up profit pulling websites that GET YOU MONEY…No experience required
And if you don’t know a thing, we’ll teach you to do it or show you how to get someone else to do EVERYTHING for you for as little as $1/hour!
With the PLR products we provide, you’ll be able to sell it as your own, you can give it away as a freebie to gain subscribers, or even sell it as an OTO,
You can use it as a surprised gift to make yourself look even better and build an incredible relationship with your customers.
As a member of our club, you will own full and complete rights to the PLR products and even break it up into a newsletter, blog entries and more.
You can also offer your product in your own paid membership site or as a bonus to another product you are selling,
You can also earn more by selling the Resell Rights or Private Label Rights to your product,
And so much more!
As you can see, owning your own Info Product or line of Info Products is one of the BEST choices you can ever make in your Information Marketing career!

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