How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks

How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks

How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks

Hello! Welcome to our website! I’m Jim, the man who beat emphysema/COPD in six weeks. This was years ago, in 1986. This photo is my grand-daughter and me riding a horse in 2005 about 19 years after the treatment saved & restored my life. Had I followed my doctor’s plan (which was basically to “prepare to die”) and had never discovered and done this simple alternative & natural treatment-I never would have known my grand-daughter or any of my seven grandchildren because all of them were born after I was slated to die.

If you or a loved is suffering from emphysema/COPD, arthritis or other chronic conditions, below is a letter to you that has some good news and valuable information for you. It also explains how we (Alan and I) can help you. (After my letter below you will meet Alan.)

My letter to you includes highlights of my life-restoration experience/story and information about the treatment that saved my life. This letter is also intermingled with some relevant points and facts to be aware of and consider as well as some testimonials from people who have read our e-book.

After you read this page, feel free to scroll back to the top and read our other web pages by clicking on the page titles, i.e., “Regeneration”, “Testimonials”. Also, in the top right-hand column, check out the FREE Lung Health eCourse and the Articles. Here’s the letter .

Dear emphysema/COPD and/or arthritis sufferer,

Are you suffering, in pain, weak, oxygen-challenged, fearful, anxious, depressed, feeling hopeless . looking for a solution that has helped others with these conditions?

If so, you’re at the right place. I’ve been where you are, and came out on top. And I was not the only one. Many people have used this treatment to beat their chronic health conditions or degenerative diseases, including emphysema/COPD and arthritis.
This treatment is NOT a “cure” (by mainstream medicine’s symptom-treating definition).
It, like many natural treatments, gives the body’s cells & systems
what they need to fully do their jobs as nature intends and tends to do:
cleanse, balance, strengthen, heal, rejuvenate, and regenerate.
(See the ‘Regeneration’ page for more on this subject.)

How can mainstream medicine ever find a cure for anything
when their focus is treating symptoms (effects, not causes)?

They don’t acknowledge the multiple alternative & natural treatments that
effectively healed countless people because these treatments are of a
different scientific paradigm. If they have the “best” form of medical science,
as they want us to believe-then why are many of their methods & drugs
killing over 700,000 people and harming millions every year?
(See the article/report: “Death and Harm from Prescription Drugs”)

We don’t use the word “cure” because it is too tied with the mainstream expectation,
and it is too restrictive by their symptom-treating definition.

We prefer “beat” or “healed”-which is what many people have experienced.
After all, if the symptoms of a health problem are gone as a result
of a given treatment-who cares if mainstream medicine calls it a “cure”?

Our e-book explains more on healing vs. symptom treating,
the differences between mainstream vs. alternative/natural sciences, and more.
There really is a better general way to healing, and multiple ways
(methods & treatments) within the general way.

How can one treatment heal or greatly improve multiple conditions, simultaneously? According to some “forward-thinking” * doctors, one single treatment healing multiple conditions isn’t logical by mainstream medical science. (Remember, mainstream medicine is mostly in the business of managing symptoms which has its own purposes, methods, science and logic.) But from the different science of natural healing which goes beyond managing symptoms to focus on health, wholeness, balance, strengthening body systems-this healing of multiple conditions by a single treatment is logical. (This is one of the reasons that forward-thinking doctors, many athletes, celebrities and wealthy people are into alternative medicine & natural healing; they not only get positive results, but also see the logic in it. Our website and e-book explain all this, and more.)

* “Forward-thinking” doctors are Western, mainstream MD’s who became frustrated with the limitations, ineffectiveness and dangers of mainstream medicine-and have come to embrace the wisdom and effectiveness of alternative medicine & natural healing.

One forward-thinking doctor said that orthodox medical logic and training are mostly about treating specific symptoms with specific drugs. Natural treatments, by contrast, are often general; that is, as they help the body cleanse, balance and strengthen-multiple symptoms often tend to disappear. (This is why my arthritis also disappeared when I did the treatment for emphysema/COPD.) This defies the logic of allopathic-orthodox-mainstream training. Yet, regardless of mainstream medical logic and lack of explanation-the reality is that this treatment (and other natural treatments) have achieved healing that mainstream symptom/effects-treating medicine hasn’t and can’t.

This treatment can and has healed multiple conditions simultaneously because it is a natural substance that is crucial to our health. And when it’s done with the detailed method-it quickly and potently gives the body what it needs to cleanse, balance and heal itself-which are what the body tends to and can do (see “Regeneration” page)! Many mainstream drugs and methods actually undermine these natural functions of the body’s innate healing power (see “Medicine” page).

There are a number of reasons why you won’t hear about these healing successes from mainstream sources. (Our website and e-book address these reasons.)

Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our ‘Testimonials’ page)

“[Your] e-book is extremely good, well researched, documented and a mine of useful information.. [T]hank the Lord I am already on the 3rd day [of treatment] and finding some benefit in the form of increased energy level.”
-Dave H., South Africa (Individual results may vary.)

And, yes, many of the conditions & diseases this treatment (and other alternative methods) have healed are considered “incurable” by mainstream medicine. Well, guess what-mainstream medicine is right; they are “incurable” by their own definition of cure and methods. Again, their whole focus is basically about treating symptoms (effects), not treating causes. Treating symptoms or “attacking” disease is vastly different than focusing on health & healing as alternative medicine & natural healing generally do. (Our website and e-book addresses this and other topics so you can get informed.)

No problems in any area of life (apart from health) are solved simply by trying to manage a problem’s effects. As you know, the causes of the problems need to be addressed. Why would it be any different with overcoming health problems?

Of course, mainstream medicine says its trying to find “cures”. Mainstream medicine has claimed for decades to be trying to discover cures for this and that condition. But, for nearly 50 years, no real cures by their methods have come. It seems that all they’re doing is not trying to cure-but developing more drugs to better manage symptoms. And many of these (man-made) drugs have proven to be producing more harm than good. (Under “Articles” in the right column above, read the eye-opening article, “Death and Harm from Prescription Drugs.”)

Though it’s frustrating that mainstream medicine doesn’t acknowledge the countless healing successes by this treatment (and other natural treatments)-we who have been healed or beat our (“incurable”) health problems by this treatment (and other natural treatments) could care less whether they call it a “cure.” We’re just happy and thankful our health problems are gone! (To shift away from the limited definition of “cure” by the mainstream definition, we use the words, “healing” or “beat” a condition. If the condition and symptoms are gone as a result, as in our cases-we don’t care what it’s called!)

The truth & reality is that:

More and more people, including mainstream doctors (MD’s), are fed up and frustrated with the limitations, ineffectiveness and dangers of many mainstream methods (i.e., drugs and too-invasive procedures that often do more damage than good);
Alternative medicine & natural healing are far more safe and effective than many people realize, and that mainstream medicine accepts or acknowledges. (The treatment I did is one of them.)

These are basic reasons why more and more people do, and are turning to, alternative medicine & natural healing, including forward-thinking doctors (MD’s), athletes, celebrities, and the wealthy. Such intelligent and highly productive people wouldn’t do this if they didn’t experience benefits. And, according to reports, some of these highly productive people have done or do the treatment I did. Research shows that people who choose natural healing over medicine tend to be more educated.

Mainstream medicine doesn’t support this substance/treatment-even though its healing benefits and positive uses have been documented in their own mainstream medical & scientific journals thousands of times going back over 100 years. This list of journals includes, JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association).

Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our ‘Testimonials’ page)

“I was so glad to get your E-book . . As I started to read it, I couldn’t stop. Every sentence had me on the edge of my seat. The book was so professional but down home friendly and was of very high quality. I want your future customers to know how this E-book left me to appreciate all the months and years it took you to collect all these very solid and amazing sources . . I have been telling a lot of people about your website. Keep in Touch. Thanks”
-Linda D., MO (Individual results may vary.)


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