Absolute Freedom Home Study Course

Absolute Freedom Home Study Course

Learn To Live A Happy Life!
We believe everyone is born with a purpose and we want to help you find yours.

After creating awareness about Law of Attraction through our workshops for 10 years in India and helping millions of people improve their lives, Golden Inspirations brings you a New workshop “Absolute Freedom” in the form of a home study course. This home study course is especially designed to help you in understanding yourself and accepting life unconditionally and realizing the purpose of a human life. This workshop will answer many questions about the mysteries of life and will share the secret of eternal happiness.

We are born to live a free, happy, fulfilling and complete life. However, due to our ignorance and lots of conditioning we suffer throughout our life. We go through a lot of emotional and physical pains without realising that pain is inevitable in life but suffering is our choice. We suffer because we chose to and we can end it by increasing our awareness and connecting with our self. The purpose of this course is to help people in liberating themselves from every kind of suffering and living a happy life.

“Pain is inevitable but suffering is our choice.”
“You are born to live a happy, meaningful and abundant life.”

Topics Included In This Course
(Total 4 hours of training video)
> Understanding what freedom really means

> Theory of karma and how does it work
> What are the things which binds us

> Understanding our value system
> Understanding our thoughts

> Understanding religions and why they were created
> Understanding our ego and its purpose

> Why were festivals designed
> Nano Cell Theory of Oneness
> Train yourself to think of freedom
> Traits of humanity

> Understanding happiness
> How much do we know ourselves?

> Find the eternal beauty inside you
> Establishing your relationship with yourself [Exercise]

> Understand and improve your relationships
> Journey of life [Special Meditation]

> Find the purpose of your life
> How to love unconditionally

> Stop identifying with pain to end your sufferings
> Knowing where did we come from

> Are we who we think we are?
> Why did we take birth on this planet
> What is god and how to connect with it?
> Passion exercise

> How to break free from the chains of your own thoughts
> How to get rid of emotional pains > What is higher consciousness and how to connect with it?
And much more . . .


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