Activate Your Money Magic - Paula Houlihan

Activate Your Money Magic – Paula Houlihan

Invoking the Mystical Realms

to Break Through Your Money Blocks!

Calling all Lightworkers, Magic Makers, Energy Intuitives,
Change Agents, Coaches, Healers and Goddessprenuers!

• Are you uncomfortable charging for your services? (Living month to month, juggling your expenses or making “just enough”
to get by)
• Maybe you’ve tried all the strategies and systems out there but despite your best efforts….you still feel stuck when it comes to
attracting more clients and making more money
• Do you generate a good income, but just can’t take your business to that next level?

If this is you, you’re in the right place. Many Lightworkers struggle with these very issues. And I know why… It’s because You have fallen under one of the BIGGEST illusions on the planet. The idea that money is something separate from you! That it exists outside of you and it’s something you have to “earn.” Like most people, you’ve been conditioned to underestimate your power and you’ve made a choice (probably subconsciously) to believe in limits.

As a result, you are suffering from a disconnect between your spirituality your money (and you don’t even know it!). You’ve forgotten who you are! AND… You’ve forgotten the truth of the magic that exists inside of you, and all that surrounds and supports you.

How do I know? Because I’m a Lightworker too and it wasn’t that long ago when I was where you are now. I used to struggle with money. I spent a lot of time and energy (frustration, anger and tears) juggling my finances to make ends meet. I was angry with money. I worked very hard and earned a good income but had little to show for it.

I didn’t want to have to think about money. It felt greedy and materialistic, yet I understood that I needed money to live and run my business. I looked to money to provide what I really wanted – freedom. Time to do what I loved and be with the people I care about and freedom from all the stress, worry and overwhelm I was under. Sound familiar?

When I discovered what we’re going to reveal here, everything changed!

My business doubled then tripled my income. I’m serving more clients now than ever before AND I have the time freedom and peace of mind that I craved. I learned the magic money held for me and turned my financial stress and frustration into gratitude and joy….and abundance! And I want that for you too! You see… I’m on a mission to get money into the hands of the people, like you, who are here to make a positive impact on the planet and the people who live on it. You have important work to do. You want to make a positive impact in the lives of your clients, and in the world. And you can’t do that . . . if you’re struggling with money.

Struggling with money prevents you from growing your business. Period.
• It stops you from building your community, the very people who need what you have to offer.
• It causes you to secretly doubt your worth and your ability to help others (which surfaces as procrastination, delays in launching
your offerings and an ever present need for more training, self-development and certifications to feel more qualified.)
• It puts doubt in your mind (making you wonder if your business will fail.)

Let’s face it…you are in business to make money! So that you can do the work that you love to do, support your clients (as only you can), give to the organizations and projects you believe in and live the life that YOU want…on your terms.

For years I denied my inner calling to help sister Lightworkers discover and embrace their gifts so that they, like me, could better help the people we are here to serve. I was afraid of “coming out” as an intuitive, as an empath, and as a woman with magical gifts. I feared that I would be judged and rejected. I imagined that people would show up on my doorstep with pitchforks and torches. Talk about scary!

The thing of it is, we all have fears. We all face the scary question of “what if”. It’s part of the human experience. You want to know that it all will work out before you take that BIG step. You want reassurance that you’re on the right track. Sometimes you just can’t see the brilliance that shines within you.

That’s why I created this summit. I’ve called together 12 Inspiring Thought Leaders (including your’s truly) to support you, so you can activate YOUR money magic! We’ve been where you are now. We want to give you the gift of a new perspective, one that will empower you so that you can take your business to your next level. This summit will help you free your fears and bedazzle your brilliance so money and clients can find YOU! We will explore…

The Spiritual – Financial Connection
In this segment we’re going to reveal what money really is (it’s not what most think!), how it works and why you struggle. We’re going to shine a light on the spirituality of money. That’s right! Money is SPIRITUAL! Most soul-centered entrepreneurs struggle with this one. That’s because there’s a disconnect between your spirituality and your money (and you don’t even know it!). And it shows up like this:
• Uncomfortable charging (and receiving) good money for your services
• Feeling guilty about having “too” much (afraid of being judged as materialistic)
• The idea that you shouldn’t want money (because you’re spiritual)
The result: You can’t break through the glass income ceiling that’s keeping you stuck….and Your income doesn’t fully support you or your vision.

Debunking Money and Manifesting Myths
There are a lot of myths floating around out there about money and how to manifest what you want. Unfortunately these myths are leaving a lot of you feeling frustrated (even angry), or worse yet, sad…because you begin to believe that maybe this manifesting thing doesn’t work (self-doubt starts to kick in)…that it isn’t the right time…or that you’re meant to live a life of financial struggle (you begin to think somehow this is part of your spiritual path!) You are not alone.

In this segment we’re gonna BUST those myths WIDE open! We’re going to show you exactly what these myths are, where they hide and how they block you from manifesting the success, clients and money you want. You will learn how your money stuff is just an energy pattern which you are unknowingly perpetuating, but one you can break out of. So you can finally free yourself from the money spell you’ve been living under! If you aren’t manifesting the money you want, that sustains your business AND the lifestyle you crave…you can bet you’re bumping up against one (probably MANY) of these myths. Discovering them is how you stop them from stopping you!

Struggles – Mirrors to what’s really going on
When a struggle come up, our natural reaction is to:
• Get as far away from it as we can
• Pretend it doesn’t exist (hoping that by ignoring it… it will go away)
• Identify the “problem” and apply a system or a strategy (that seemed to work for someone else) to “fix” it.

These rarely work. And when they don’t, self-judgment kicks in. You make your struggle mean something about yourself – that you’re not motivated enough or that somehow you don’t deserve to have what you want. Struggles can feel scary. But as the late Debbie Ford said “If shadows could talk, they would tell you that there is gold to be mined in every experience”.

Your struggles are mirrors which are trying to show you that something is out of alignment with what you want and what you are experiencing. When you can look at your struggle as an observer (without judgment about you and the people or things that are involved), you will see the underlying beliefs that are creating your experience. Here you have the power to change them. In this segment we will teach you how to look into your money magic mirror and see what it is trying to show you!

This is not your typical summit. We’re going to cover radically new information that no one is talking about – Magic and how it relates to your business success. I created this magical and powerful summit to help you get on the fast track to up leveling your business. Each day, you will hear stories of powerful luminaries in our industry who truly shine. You’ll get the inside scoop.
• How they discovered their gifts ~ what I call their “inner magic” (and how that changed everything!)
• The ways they use magic to achieve the business success they enjoy today
• How they attract their perfect clients and make money with joy and ease (and how you can too!)

Ready to activate YOUR money magic? Claim your recordings now!

Transformationally yours,
Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist

Welcome to the Activate Your Money Magic Speaker Sessions
…where you will discover how to invoke the mystical realms to break through your money blocks! I’m so happy you are here. This Here you will find our line-up of speakers, gain access to their interview recordings and access the fabulous free gifts and offerings they’ll be sharing. “See” you on the calls!

The Spiritual – Financial Connection
In this segment we’re going to reveal what money really is (it’s not what most think!), how it works and why you struggle. We’re going to shine a light on the spirituality of money. That’s right! Money is SPIRITUAL!

Jeneth Blackert
Conscious Nutritionist and Change Agent
Turn it ON! STOP the 6 Secret Hidden Spots that KILL Your Business’ Cash Flow
On this call you learn:
• Your secret disruptors that STOP you from stepping out and showing up
• The 6 Secret Hidden Spots that KILL Your Business’ Cash Flow
• Practices to “reset” your Be-ology™ and BE unified with your desired creation
• How to Turn it ON when you feel unmotivated, down and just plain STUCK

Julia Maria Lloyd
The Biz Alchemist
5 Keys to the Feminine Wealth Creation
• B-eing the change you want to see
• L-oving heart towards self, all life, your vision and mission
• I-nspiring others with your work
• S-uccess Mind attitude
• S-upporting other causes that are close to your heart
Activating the power of your BLISS Factor!

Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist
Activate Your Money Magic:Creating Prosperity with Joy, Gratitude and EASE
In this enchanting discussion, you will discover:
• Why you struggle with money (and how you can release yourself from the spell of financial lack)
• The mystical lessons of money and how they serve you
• How YOU can conjure prosperity (that means more money and more clients!) with joy, gratitude and ease!

Debunking Money and Manifestation Myths
There are a lot of myths floating around out there about money and how to manifest what you want. In this segment we’re gonna BUST those myths WIDE open! So you can finally free yourself from the money spell you’re living under.

Kendra E Thornbury
Spiritual Entrepreneur and Wealth Coach
Awakening To Money: De-Bunking the Myth’s That Keep You In Scarcity
Revealed here:
• What you were taught that keeps you in money struggle
• How to open to surprising healing power of money (even though it may feel like it’s the cause of your problems)
• The new mindset required to have greater amounts of money flow to you

Bernadette Wulf
The Magical Life Coach
Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs About Money
In this energy rich conversation you will learn:
• How you can STOP your money struggle pattern (Clearing it is easier than you think!)
• What the Law of Attraction is and why it may not be working for you!
• How your beliefs really do shape your reality
• What money really is (This is the key to why most people struggle!)

Lisa Marie Rosati
Transformation Catalyst
Prosperity Magick and The Law of Attraction
Lisa will reveal:
• How Magick is different than Magic
• Exactly what a “Present Day Goddess is” (and how YOU can become one!)
• How following your bliss is the direct path to prosperity AND abundance
• Why “The Secret” doesn’t seem to work for everyone (learn the missing piece of the manifesting puzzle)
• How making money is SPIRITUAL and how you can earn lots of it

Cordelia F Brabbs[/b][/size][/color]
Magical Badass and Miracles Mentor
Fun, Money, Magic
Join magical badass Cordelia F Brabbs for this fluff-free interview and discover…
• The ancient blocks that are stopping you from creating or expanding your magical business – and the real reason you’d rather
watch a Game of Thrones box set than take big action in your business.
• The pros and cons of being an Old Soul when it comes to building a magical business – and how to bust through the biggest
spiritual myths around money and marketing, so you can stop hiding, start shining and have a lot more fun.
• The ONE thing you must do in order to dissolve your money blocks, shatter your upper limits and keep growing your business
and bank account (if you’re an Old Soul and you’re not doing this, you’re setting yourself up for unnecessary struggle).
• How Magical Beings like the Fairies, Unicorns, Angels and Mermaids are a badass team that can help you manifest more fun,
money and magic – without giving away your power or wimping out on your purpose.

Struggles – Mirrors To What’s Really Going On
Your struggles are mirrors which are trying to show you that something is out of alignment with what you want and what you’re experiencing. As Debbie Ford said, “If shadows could talk, they would tell you that there is gold to be mined in every experience.” In this segment we will teach you how to look into your money magic mirror and see what it is trying to show you!

Sarah Jane Farrell
Medical Intuitive Energy Facilitator
Creating your reality in the new world
Where you will discover how to:
• Go deep into knowing the YOU… that you are the Magic
• Be the acoustically vibrational resonance of gold, silver and precious jewels
• Trust and activate your intuitive knowing, being and receiving
• Increase your awareness of allowance to receive true wealth
• Learn from the magic of animals and nature about struggle
• Employ the Universe and your team players (and who they are!) to expand true ease, joy and abundance
• Use animal archetypes and animal totems to assist you in times of struggle (so you can move into more ease and presence!)

Michelle Barr
Intuitive Coach, Business Strategist and Mindset Mentor
Learning to Read the Feedback Will Get You Everything You Want and Help You Stop Creating What You Don’t Want
On this call you learn:
• Why your stuff coming up means you’re on the right track
• Understanding resistance and dissonance; they are not signs from Spirit for you to stop
• How to do your part so the Universe can do its part; the intricate dance of manifesting miracles, including money

Ana Maria Vasquez
Multi-Sensory Animal and Nature Intuitive
Manifesting Abundance by Calling on the Animal and Nature Realms
On this call you learn:
• Take your connection with the animals to another level and let them help you manifest abundance!
• Animals and Nature are constantly giving us messages and guidance.
• The animals that live with you are a mirror of your inner landscape…find out what they are telling you!
• Ana Maria will do live readings on the call!

Scott Smith
Energy Worker and Modern Day Mystic
Dissolve Your Blocks to Allow the Energy of Money to Flow Freely Through You
Here you will discover:
• Energetic Vibration – How it works, and how to use it to manifest your choices
• Connect with your Higher Self (So you can direct the flow of energy in your life, and that includes money!)
• The crystalline structures we create and how they affect our experiences through life (How this applies to your prosperity)
• Dissolve some of these beliefs and limitations that are keeping you stuck; experience a short session during the telesummit

Marilyn Alauria
Energy Worker and Modern Day Mystic
Living Life From the Seat of Your Soul!
In this interview Marilyn will:
• Reveal why the TAROT deck can illicit strong responses in a person. (Do you even know what you are responding to?
Are you responding to something someone told you or your truth)
• Take you through a TECHNIQUE that helps you to remember one of the first experiences in a particular subject, that she will
choose on the call, and take you on a guided meditation to re-write that belief! (so you can live FREE and CLEAR of old habits that limit you)
• Teach a technique of conscious living that you can take throughout your day to become aware of how habitual you
may be living life.
• Share how you can use this process without TAROT (if you or your client prefers not to use it)
• Teach how you can lift the LIMITATIONS on what you believe you can do (that’s what this work is truly about!)

Paula Houlihan
The Money Alchemist
Putting IT All Together! Summit Wrap up and Review
In this call we’ll review the three Summit Themes:
• The Spiritual-Financial Connection
• Debunking Money and Manifestation Myths
• Struggles – Mirrors to What’s Really Going On!
• And how magic, mysticism, business success and money all fit together!

About Your Host Paula Houlihan
Paula is a transformational diva. A money mystic and lover of all things magic, she’s an alchemist in the truest sense. Paula transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary…and that includes your life, your business and your relationship with money. Paula practices what she teaches. A firm believer in abundance and prosperity, she generously shares her tips, resources, presentations and programs all while traveling (one of her many passions) or working out of her enchanting home office in central Wisconsin – just a few steps from her hot tub, nestled in 40 acres of charming fairy filled woodland. As excited as she is being a transformation muse inspiring and empowering her clients, her most precious gems in her crown of achievements are her charming husband, 7 beautiful children and 2 giggling grandsons. Paula lives her bliss with no apologies, believing the key to real and lasting success is simply being your brilliant self. She is living proof that when you align your life with your purpose, magic happens!

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