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Adam Bertram – Used Books Big Business – The Secrets to Selling Books Online For Big

Adam Bertram – Used Books Big Business – The Secrets to Selling Books Online For Big

Adam has since launched his revised copy of Used Books: Big Businessfor 2010. The world of online book selling constantly evolves, and Adam has gained additional expertise over the year since he released the first edition of his e-book, and he shares all of this in his new version, promising any new online used book seller a huge advantage in this ever-changing business. All of his professional secrets will have you up and running with all the tools needed to position yourself as a savvy veteran in the cash for used books market.

Today, Adam lists his inventory on ten different websites and averages around 20-25 orders per day. He says his life has been enriched enormously because of the money that he has made from this lark that turned into a brand new entrepreneurial opportunity. Selling books online has allowed his wife to quit her job in order to stay at home and raise their young daughter, which is a priceless reward in addition to the money that he has made. Now he has distilled all of his experiences, advice, and tricks of the trade into his eBook, “Used Books:Big Business (Revised Edition)“, so that anyone who wants to can get started quickly and efficiently in the online used book selling trade.

This revised edition contains all of the insight and advice that was contained in the first edition:

• Finding inventory that sells quickly.
• Not only what books you should buy, but what books NOT to buy!
• The best places to find inventory you can move quickly and profitably.
• The ins and outs of building inventory through online purchasing.
• Profiting from the collectible books market.
• Book pricing strategies that maximize your profits.
• Inventory management techniques that optimize your operations.
• Proven advice on minimizing your tax exposure from selling used books online.
• Packing & shipping advice that will help keep you in the black.
• Real life examples & stories
• And much more!

Additionally, in Used Books: Big Business (Revised Edition), Adam has added completely new content that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about how to get started selling used books online:

• Book Scouting: A complete discussion of book scouting, beginning with a traditional definition and including other crucial factors such as book scouting today and scouting services like NeatoScan, MediaScouter, and ScoutPal. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various techniques in order to find the one that works best for you.

• Customer Service: Some of your most important jobs take place AFTER a book has been delivered! Learn about common buyer requests and customer service issues, and how best to address them in order to cultivate customer loyalty and maintain sterling feedback. This information is critical for anyone looking at online book selling as an entrepreneurial endeavor.

• Third-Party Services: There are a number of software packages and online services that can help optimize your storefront and boost your profits. Do names such as The Art of Books, FillZ, Aman Pro or RepriceIT sound familiar? This is what this chapter is all about. Manage inventory, communicate with customers, update your listings across multiple sites, all with the click of your mouse. Read this BEFORE you invest in a third-party service!

• Where to Sell Your Books Online: An in-depth discussion of the five largest online marketplaces for used books: Amazon, eBay, Alibris, Half, and AbeBooks. Each marketplace has its own advantages and challenges, as well as different fees and terms of use. Adam gives you the scoop on where to go first and how to leverage each marketplace to generate the best results.

• Making Contacts: Making professional contacts is crucial to discovering abundant inventory as cheaply as possible. Discover a who’s who of important people to get to know, as well as proven strategies for getting in touch with them and cultivating a profitable relationship.

• Stories from Fellow Book Sellers: This is a very helpful section that provides an additional perspective, from people like you who are just getting started selling used books online. Hear what has worked for others with these firsthand stories from the front lines!

• Closing Thoughts: Finally, this section provides some extra guidance and advice for anyone who has been active selling books online and is looking to grow their business. As the industry changes, you must adapt: Adam will show you how to keep looking forward to stay ahead of the game.

Used Books: Big Business (Revised Edition) is literally packed front to back with all of the information you need to launch your new career selling used books online. Adam will give you all the tools you need to get started – all you need is the desire to succeed!

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