Ads Sniper + OTOs

Ads Sniper + OTOs

Hottest Facebook Product Right Now — This a Game Changer for Anyone Running Ads (Software Vendors, Local Businesses, CPA/Affiliate Marketers, SaaS Companies, Coaches and above all eCommerce Vendors)

Ads Sniper’s a Software can COPY the exact ads and landing pages of businesses, people and brands that are crushing it with FB ads and launch your own
It’s no longer “what if”, it’s now a reality.
You May Not Be Able to Steal His Lamborghini, But Now… You Can Copy His Campaigns & Buy Your Own
What’s Ad Sniper and Why Is It a Big Deal?
Few hours ago, something we’ve been waiting for and prepared for finally happened…
Facebook announced officially it will it’s “Ads Transparency” program.
While this may not rally mean anything or ring any bell for you.
This is a GOLDMINE for advertisers, marketers and business owners.
Because now you can know copy the campaign of any markers, any local business, any SaaS company or any eCommerce dropshiper or print on demand offers.



FE – Ads Sniper – $67

  • eCommerce drop-shippers and print on demand vendors
  • Offline marketers who sells video services, social media management, SEO services to clients & local businesses
  • The everyday online marketer who wants to get tons of high quality leads cheaply and grow his business
  • Product creators who wants to sell more of their software, apps and digital products
  • Local businesses promoting their services to get new customers
  • Selling high ticket coaching programs and courses
  • SaaS companies who wants to acquire new customers
  • Affiliate and CPA marketers, trainers, coaches, newbie marketers
  • Simple… if you own a business and want to run better marketing campaigns, You NEED Ad Sniper.

OTO1 – Ads Sniper Growth – $99

  • More

OTO2 – Ads Sniper BulettProof – $297

  • More

OTO3 – Ads Sniper Ads Motion – $297

  • More

GB Name: Ads Sniper + OTOs

Sale Page

GB Price: $69(FE) + $99(OTO1) + $297(OTO2) + $297(OTO3) = $770

GB Cost: 77$/10 Peoples

Status: Ongoing [OGB]

GB Joined: 6/10 Peoples

Deliveryed: When we got 10 Peoples Joined


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