AdsXposed Annual

AdsXposed Annual

Running a profitable mobile campaign can be challenging. At least in the past. We show you which ads run consistently and receive the biggest exposure, and therefore make money.



FE – AdsXposed – $169

  • Data is profit in the advertising industry. Therefore, we provide as many data insights as possible:
  • See where an advertisement is running. We show you which advertising network and which placements are profitable for the advertiser.
  • Find out how often a landing page was seen. The ‘times seen’ count is a strong indicator if a campaign has mass-appeal or not. Seeing an ad running on 100s of placements? It’s probably a true winner.
  • Discover global campaigns. Curious if the same ad is profitable in other countries as well? If there’s the same ad running in a different country, we’ll list it right on the results page.
  • Follow your competition. Take advantage of our unique feature to monitor a competitors domain and get notified when we find a new ad from this domain.
  • Store what’s important. Just select ‘bookmark’ and save an interesting ad you’ve found and make sure you don’t forget about it.
  • All major ad networks covered
  • 14 countries
  • Android & iOS
  • 24/7 new ads shown
  • 24/7 Support

GB Name:  AdsXposed Annual

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GB Price: $2040

GB Cost:102$/20 Peoples

Status: Ongoing [OGB]

GB Joined: 10/20 Peoples

Deliveryed: When we got 20 Peoples Joined


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