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Advanced Persuasion Patterns 6 Month Course

Advanced Persuasion Patterns 6 Month Course

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Rintu Basu, one of the masters of advanced persuasion language patterns. Crosses over from partly conversational hypnosis / advanced NLP patterns,Here is what you will learn on Advanced Persuasion Patterns. If this list of skills seems impossibly long and far too difficult to assimilate remember you will be taken through this in bite sized chunks over 24 weeks.

Properly reading body language down to unconscious movements such as pupil dilation and lower lip size and being able to tailor your conversations based on this information.
Being able to elicit a personality profile conversationally and in under ten minutes giving you a deep understanding of their thinking processes, values and core motivations as well as how they perceive their reality.

On this programme I will show you how to do this with an individual, a group and with organisations.

How might you use this?
A sales person ? More sales through understanding your prospect’s hidden needs
Dating ? Being more attractive by understanding your date’s unconscious desires
Interviewers ? Pick up on hidden agendas, half truths and omissions as your candidate speaks
Relationships ? Uncover the hot buttons that would ensure a long lasting personal commitment, personal or professional
Coaches ? Deal with your client’s emotional blocks and motivations long before they know of them
Trainers and Public Speakers ? Restructure your presentations in the moment by accurately gauging audience response

Working on Yourself
Turn your persuasion power on yourself to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Imagine the possibilities of having someone using their persuasion skills to get the best from you 24/7. This is what you will get when you understand how to practice language patterns effectively.

Using all the skills you will learn on this programme on yourself you could design yourself a new confident persuasive personality, deleting limiting beliefs, installing empowering ones. Build your self esteem, focus and personal power.

Learn to listen to conversations on multiple levels as well as respond with flexibility and quickness of thought. By taking away a fear of failure and replacing it with an attitude of curiosity and playful experimentation you could dramatically increase your success rate.

How could you use this?
By using my strategies for developing persuasive self talk you will rapidly integrate your learning and the results you create.
check mark Beyond Rapport

On this programme you will learn to create responsiveness in your subjects through body language, tone of voice and language. This is not just matching, mirroring and being liked. It is about having authority when you need it, being noticed when you walk into a room, taking covert control of an individual or group, having charisma when you need to be out in front, being overlooked when you don?t want to volunteer and leading people to emotional states when you need them to feel the emotion.

How will you use this?
Formal interviews ? such as a sales pitch, recruitment, appraisal take covert control and move the meeting to your results
Dating ? Make them feel excited whenever they see you ensuring more dates
Professional Relationships, initial meetings ? Get them to see you as an authority and follow your recommendations
Groups ? Develop a charismatic leadership style that moves people to action

Unconscious Programming
Your unconscious mind is the store house for all of your memories, emotions, habitual responses and automatic processes. This course will show you how to tinker with all that so you can change beliefs, reframe your emotions about events as well as deleting and installing habits. This in itself is powerful, but consider what happens when you realise you can also do this with others.
How will you use this?

Outside of all the things mentioned above in working on yourself, here are a few ideas:
Relationships personal and professional ? condition people to feel good whenever they think of you
Sales ? Reframe any objections about your product, your competitors or you in the mind of your customer
Trainers ? Install empowering beliefs about learning in your delegates
Parents ? Create powerful and useful habits with your children that will stay for life
Coaches / Therapists / Counsellors ? Set the initial meeting conditions to delete any negative baggage your client may have about using your services
Customer Care ? Take away the negative emotions from angry customers so you can communicate clearly

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