Advanced SAS for Business Analytics

Advanced SAS for Business Analytics

This training program is completely hands-on and it is taught the way it is being used in the Industry. The program covers most widely used advanced SAS features such as SAS MACRO and SAS SQL in the Industry. One must take training in Base SAS in order to take the training in advanced SAS. We have included good number of practical examples and programming using SAS for a better understanding. This course is ideal for students, professionals and anyone interested in a career in SAS. We will be covering the following modules in this course:

Overview of SAS MACRO
Macro Statements, Macro Variables, Macro Variable References
Defining a Macro. Calling a Macro
Global Symbol Table, Local Symbol table
Macro Programming
Overview of SAS Structured Query Language
Select Clause, Where Clause, Group by Clause, Having Clause, Order by Clause
SQL functions
Sub Queries
SQL Joins
SQL Tables
SQL Views
What are the requirements?

• In order to take training in Advanced SAS, Base SAS training is good to have.
• In order to take Certification in Advanced SAS, Certification in Base SAS is mandatory.
• A PC with internet

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