Affiliate Golden Secrets

Affiliate Golden Secrets

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What is Affiliate Golden Secret About?

There are no secrets to making money with affiliate marketing. There may be things you don’t know about yet if you’re a newbie or an unorthodox method that someone uses that works for them.

Affiliate marketing on the internet has been around for about 20 years now and although there are different methods you can use, the steps you take are pretty much routine.

The difference lies with the uniqueness of each marketer and the way they do things. This is why one person might use the same instructions as another and struggle for months with the other makes sales consistently.

With Affiliate Golden Secrets, the author promises to show you a newbie friendly way to generate income month after month with affiliate marketing.

He says that you will build a complete business in just 10 days using his step by step guide and you’ll only have to work 30 minutes of each day. The key words here are “complete” and the time it takes daily to build a business. I don’t think you can build a complete business within 5 hours but maybe the secret is contained within the book and I completely missed it in the 9 years I’ve been doing affiliate marketing.

The author goes on to claim that the gurus are using this secret system and doesn’t want to talk about it. This is more hype than truth as you will come to realize.

The sales page has some grammatical errors and attempts at hype which should tip you off to the quality of the product.

There’s only one screenshot of a Clickbank account but there are two of the authors earnings from selling this $7 product which I think should not have been included. We want to see evidence that the author is making money with the methods he’s speaking of, not that he’s making money selling his book.
The book is broken down into 10 steps as days 1 through 10 with a different task for each day.

The author first gives a summary of the task for the day and then he outlines the step by step details. For example, he kicks off the book on the right foot with the first step anyone needs to take when trying to build an online business – finding a niche.

He explains niche marketing and gives some examples then gives a couple action steps that the reader needs to take. I found that this was a good move.

However, in the details section for day 1 which is supposed to be the step by step section, he shows how to set up a Clickbank account which is just basic information. Pictures and basic instructions on setting up the account follow.

The author then talks about finding something to promote on Clickbank but talks about stuff like gravity without explaining what “gravity” means. This goes against the newbie friendliness that was promised on the sales page.

The rest of the book is mainly basic stuff like:

buying a domain name
setting up hosting
making an affiliate link clickable
setting up Paypal

I didn’t think that there needed to be a section on setting up Paypal. The author doesn’t talk enough about the methods you can use to make $5000 month but spends too much time on setting up stuff. Because of this the 95 pages of info is filled with fluff.

One things that made this book really bad for anyone reading it was that it was filled with grammatical errors and punctuation errors. There are full paragraphs with multiple sentences filled with commas and no full stops in site. The book needed proofreading really badly. How do you make a living with written content and not have the time to edit it for errors?


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