AIME System Forex Trading Course

AIME System Forex Trading Course

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“Finally. A Professional, Step-by-Step Approach to Profitably Trading Foreign Currencies… for Everyone”


“This seminar has been the best step-by-step seminar that I have been to.”


A Method to the Madness


Prior to every trading session and for each and every trade, there’s a sequence you should follow. If not, then you’re “shooting from the hip,” and probably spend a lot of time hoping you hit your targets – and if you’re praying instead of hoping, well, you might want to re-think that strategy, too ;- ) Call me “crazy,” but there’s a much better way to trade (just a thought ;- )


Here’s the AIME trading routine:


A – Assess the market


I – Identify opportunities


M – Move into a trade (enter)


Monitor the trade


Move out of the trade (exit)


E – Evaluate the trade


With each of the above steps, there’s a specific tool (or tools) we use. I’ll share those in a minute but for now just know a specific routine is far superior to trading “on the fly.”



Bill Somerville, NJ Shore

Date of Post:        2010-02-23

Review:       I have known Clay (CJ) for over 6 years now. Like some of us here, I started with Peter Bain, then went on to AIME. I took the basic and advanced courses, which were great starting points. Clay is very educated and experienced in Forex Trading, but you must understand that Peter and Clay are just starting points in your continual education process. Anyone that thinks you can take a couple of weekend seminars and become a professional trader better take a step back and think about it. Trading is not easy and if you think it is, you will not be trading very long. As for basic training in the Forex, I can’t think of anyone else I would send someone to learn from but Clay. He is an outstanding instructor. After 7 years, I have been a professional trader for slightly over a year. It takes time, but if you stick with it and keep learning, you have a chance of success. Last year I did 437% safely and this year, I am up 46%, with NO Losses, but I am very conservative. I haven’t had a trade in over a week and do not rush into trades. Good luck and as Clay says “Live Large”… Thanks Clay for your contribution to my success.




S.Bemis, PA


Date of Post:        2008-01-21

Review:       Clay’s approach is “straight to the point” no fluff, no sell add-ons, no teasers to get you to purchase more. Straight technical technique giving you a greater probability of making the right trade at the right time for the right reasons. He will teach you how to fish but will not fish for you.



John, Arizona


Date of Post:        2006-12-27

Review:       Clay is a very good trainer of the Forex. He used to work with Peter Bain. However, prior to attending his or any other seminar on the Forex make sure you have a general knowledge of the markets and how to read the charts. If you don’t you’ll be lost. I believe this is what happened to some of the people making negative comments here, but it’s not likely they’d admit it.Anyway, just make sure you have a reasonable grasp of knowledge prior to attending any Forex training seminar to get the most out of it.




Sarah, Dallas


Date of Post:        2006-09-25

Review:       On a scale of 1 to 5, AIME is a 6. The way it is laid-out and presented makes learning easy – very well thought through. The indicators are solid tools (btw, Clay teaches MACD and stochastic as a leading, not lagging, indicators). If you only get take one forex workshop, you would do well to seriously consider AIME (I heard there is a new video course coming out soon, which I would expect to be excellent, too). Best of luck! – Sarah


CIB, United States

Date of Post:        2006-09-11

Review:       I went to the AIME workshop in Honolulu and it was excellent. Real information about FX trading. Clay is a very good teacher and has experience trading for a brokerage and now is a fund senior analyst-trader (so he does trade professionally). I will say he is definitely NOT “vanilla” and has an opinion, meaning he says what’s on his mind (I am sure this bothers some people but that’s really more a personal issue and has nothing to do with the material). The course sticks to solid technicals but gives indepth look at how to use them (really use them). Can you get all of this information online? Maybe, but it will take a very long time to put it into useable format that put everything together. There is plenty of student feedback at and OpenFX is a great community. I will likely attend another workshop. My experience has been excellent. Best of success to everyone! CIB



Jon F. Scottsdale, AZ


Date of Post:        2006-07-05

Review:       Clay is a phenomenal teacher. I highly recommend people take the course. This is real education that I apply to my trading everyday. I have sent or referred at least 30 people to AIME and no one came away disappointed. What I really like is the honesty and non hype approach to trading. This is about real money and Clay is a no BS kind of guy!



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