Akasha 2007 - Bob Proctor, Dr. John DeMartini, Roger Hamilton, Getrude Matshe

Akasha 2007 - Bob Proctor, Dr. John DeMartini, Roger Hamilton, Getrude Matshe

Akasha 2007 – Bob Proctor, Dr. John DeMartini, Roger Hamilton, Getrude Matshe

The Promise of Akasha

Entrepreneurs Daniel Priestley, Marcus Ubl and Glen Carlson began building Triumphant Events almost 5 years ago in Australia with little more than a clear vision and a lot of hard work. From the very beginning they wanted to promote the most inspiring people, philosophies and ideas that would have a real impact on people around the world not just financially, but personally as well.

As the team at Triumphant, we see life as a series of critical moments. Small moments in time when if we notice them, understand them and act on them, have the ability to transform our ability to influence not just at an individual level, not just at a local level but a global level as well.

“The Akasha Experience has arisen from the belief that great ideas have power. It is power that can inspire an individual, reinvent a nation, or even transform a planet.”

Prior to the Industrial Revolution which started almost 200 years ago, most people were, in essence, entrepreneurs. Cottage industry dominated the landscape with the butcher, baker and candlestick maker all making their own rules and running their own show. Businesses owners served the needs of their family and their community.

Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie and Edison symbolised a new way. Cities became the economic hub and people were swept up into factory work and later, the corporate cubicle.

To a large extent the individual’s freedom, creativity and passion for their work was lost. People began to feel like they no longer had a voice… that they were powerless to make a difference.

Thankfully, things are changing… fast.

Never before have sole traders and small businesses had the ability to access communication and distribution channels that were usually reserved for the large blue chips. Ebay, Amazon, Google, Myspace, Ecademy, Skype, FedEx to name a few have changed the landscape of what’s possible forever.

The entrepreneurial spirit is again alive and well as more and more people are realising the benefits taking charge of their own enterprise.

History will show that the greatest shift of this century will not me a shift in money, but a shift in focus. A shift back towards individual business owners creating and harnessing ideas, value chains and distribution models that allow them to create more and contribute more.

Akasha is a day of immersion in that philosophy, in those ideals. Triumphant Events have invited 5 notable social entrepreneurs & business philosophers to discuss these ideas because they embody what lies at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit. It is our combined commitment, our promise to offer the tools, perspective, support and inspiration that are fanning the fires of social enterprise.

Why social enterprise? We feel that most people are beginning to understand that we all need to be the change we want to see in the world. The opportunities we create or support can no longer flourish at the expense of our human or natural resources.

As entrepreneurs we have an amazing ability to create, harness and redistribute wealth in a such a way that we can truly make a difference in this world… in this lifetime.

There are only a handful people that we know who are leading the charge and setting a new standard of what is possible.

Akasha brings those people together.

In the word’s of our hero Sir Richard Branson – Screw it Lets do It!

See you there!

The Team at Triumphant.

In business & life, great
ideas have power.
It is power that can inspire an individual, reinvent a nation, or even transform a planet.

All this from something so simple
… an idea that spreads.

This Sunday, 5th August, two thousand people will descend on the world famous London Palladium Theatre to – Connect, Create & Contribute – for what can only be described as a “festival of minds”.


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