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Alan weiss – Great Consultant Challenges

Alan weiss – Great Consultant Challenges

“Those of us in the practice of consulting to management recognize the continuing “consulting challenges” in today′s sophisticated world of management. Alan Weiss has done a superb job in his latest book. The road map he gives, Great Consulting Challenges and How to Surmount Them , constitutes the foundation for an impressive growth pattern for each of us in management consulting.” — Vito A. Tanzi, founding chairman, National Bureau of Certified Consultants “A must–read for the seasoned consultant. Alan′s usually counterintuitive lessons learned from his experiences make us rethink (again) our own approach— based on our experiences. I found some significant improvements I can make, and you will, too.” — Norman R. Eckstein, president, Eckstein Management Consulting and chairman, Institute of Management Consultants “Once again Alan Weiss has given us an engaging, colorful, entertaining, but above all, practical book for the serious consultant. As Weiss takes us through his real–world personal consulting challenges and how they were won or lost, we build our own consulting strategies for success.” — E. Michael Shays, past chairman, Institute of Management Consultants
Product Description
Great Consulting Challenges: And How to Surmount Them shows how consultants can use the wisdom gleaned from Weiss’s own practice and from other seasoned members of the profession to help overcome persistent problems and next-level challenges. Weiss explains that as consultants’ careers develop and become more sophisticated and complex, so do the challenges they encounter. For example, the question of price competition occurs at every level of the consulting business, yet the techniques for astutely resolving the issue can be vastly different for the veteran consultant as compared to the novice who is merely trying to establish a new business. In this book, Alan Weiss discusses the great consulting challenges in key areas such as marketing, selling, delivery, and practice management and offers practical advice for overcoming common problems and learning to thrive as a consultant.

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