Albert Aiello The Real Estate Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies

Albert Aiello The Real Estate Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies

Copywrite 2006. I believe this is still being for $500.00 on several Real Estate website. You can get this on ebay for less then half the price.

Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies CD collection – 10 audio CDs
Powerhouse Tax Strategies for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs – 10 audio CDs
The Medical Reimbursement Plan Kit – CD of forms and checklists
Foreclosures/short sales/ Tax strategies – audio CD
Rental Property Deduction – audio CD
How to use only two LLCs to protect any number of assets – audio CD
Tax Reduction and Audit Proofing forms – Data CD
The Bible of Deduction checklists and special reports – data CD
Independent Contarctor’s Agreement Forms Kit – data CD


Contains 200+ little-known, Brilliant, Updated Tax Reduction Strategies!

7 Proven Tax Tips You Must Know to Forever Cut Taxes;

How To Deduct Almost Everything You Pay… Over 250 Deductions!

18 Ways to Audit Proof Your Return, Let IRS Forget You!

18 Ways to Write-off Thousands — All in One Year!

19 Ways to MAX Auto deductions. Is Leasing Really Better?

Deduct Your Vacations – Let the IRS Pick Up The Tab!

13 Ways to Deduct Entertainment …Profit & Have Fun While Doing It!

Use Your Own HOME to Generate Tax Savings

New Liberalized Rules for Home-Office Deductions

Hiring Assistants – 9 Ways to Save Costly Payroll Hassles

Use Family Members to make your business grow, Lower Your Tax Bill!

Deduct 100% of Medical Deductions as Business Expenses

36 Ways to Maximize Valuable “Schedule C” Deductions

9 Ways to Create Wealth with Retirement Plans. New Rules Make Plans Even Better!

10 Key Questions to Select the Right Tax Advisor. The Wrong One will Costly You!

Reduce Those Killer Social Security Taxes.

Lower Your Quarterlies, You Keep The Interest!

Use an S-Corp to save a bundle of taxes!

Be Able to Use the Tax Savings to Create More Business Income

Find Hidden Tax Dollars from the Past…Let the IRS Make You Rich!

Contains Many Tax Tips Even the Best Tax Advisors Do Not Know!

How to save big money every year by creating Astronomical NON-CASH depreciation deductions with over 39 strategies using Al’s component method.

Save more money every year with 15 strategies to convert capital improvements into fully deductible repairs

How to use the component method to create HUGE deductions (and savings) when you “gut-out” property components with our specially designed forms

How to create BIG Overlooked Deductions (and even more savings) with Section 179 first-year expensing

Fully deduct, all in one year, rental property losses against ALL of your other income, without limit even if your income is over $150,000

15 ways on how to sell\flip your property, tax-free. Reinvest the FULL equity for GREATER WEALTH!

How not to lose interest deductions on your properties. Avoid this tax trap!

How to get Dollar-for-Dollar tax credits for your properties

Extensively covers “Entity Structuring”. Using the wrong entity (or entities) can cost you big time! With the Goldmine you will do it right, save thousands!!

How to correctly use the powerful 1031 tax-free exchange to ZERO out ALL taxes on the sales or flips of your properties.

26 tax strategies for seller financing; 12 strategies for buying & selling “paper”

Options & lease-options. The Goldmine extensively covers their tax dynamics with 25 creative planning strategies that will save you thousands!

Like NO other resource, GM extensively covers avoiding the costly consequences of being classified as a Dealer” with over 30 proven strategies. This alone can cut your taxes by 50%!

So extensive is the Goldmine that it tells you how, when & why you should not waste valuable deductions so you “bank” your deductions for future years, instead of wasting them forever!

How to recover taxes you paid in the past, without IRS red flags!
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