Amazon Money Machine by Matt Clark, Jason Potash, Jason Katzenback

Amazon Money Machine by Matt Clark, Jason Potash, Jason Katzenback

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Released April 2012

Amazon Money Machine (AMM) in one sentence is simply a step-by-step information course that shows and guides you on how and where you can make EASY money on Amazon.

The creators of AMM (Jason Potash, Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark) do a lot more than show you how to just profit on Amazon.

They’ve actually included a really cool software tool. One of the creators Jason Potash is known for software products.

Back to this tool.

This ‘money finder’ software tool uses a crazy custom algorithm score to show you where the money on Amazon is at.

It uncovers very high potential and low competition categories that have traffic coming in day in and day out.

That steady traffic is key.

That’s all you need to know to make money. Know where the Money is and the Traffic and you can use their system to develop a cash grabbing profit stream.

The best part is this process is repeatable and scaleable. The more money and traffic sources you can locate the more cash grabbing profit streams you can develop.

Pretty simple, but simple works.

Best part is there’s no websites to build and you don’t worry about Free SEO traffic.

Let’s dig into the course a little more.

First why would Matt be sharing all this information instead of quietly banking in massive commission checks?

Great question.

You see there are millions of products on Amazon which basically means you don’t have to worry about competition.

No matter how many people are doing the same thing you’ll still be able to profit and profit big time.

Ok how is this course setup.

There are 56 videos and 63 PDF training manuals. That’s a lot of top quality information.

When you first start the course you are welcomed by a video that goes over how to get started.

Including a pdf they call their Master Checklist.

This pdf has 2 parts they call their:

– 14 day rapid cash plan

– 60 day insurance plan (how to make your purchase price back in 60 days or less)

Just so you know this course is based on hard-earned education not theories and assumptions.

They took a total of 4 months to put AMM together with a real focus on real results and community.

So much so they had 55 beta testers go through the course first.

There have already been over 1,200 comments inside the membership area. Using that feedback they’ve added additional training and made things more clear and easy to follow. This is a huge plus for you.

The product is put together in a very high quality fashion and even at it’s higher price tag is well worth the investment.

Course Details:

1. Course Overview and Instructions

2. Selecting a domain name and setting up your website.

3. Creating Amazon account and the account dashboard

4. Kindle – Creating and publishing books on Kindle – 17 videos in this section

5. Private Labeling and wholesale

6. Promotion and what it takes to get your products ranked

7. Dropshipping – Sourcing Opportunities

8. Bonuses
– Hot Product Reports
– Instructions for Outsourcers
– Publishing Physical Books
– Dealing with Account Reviews, Suspensions and Revivals
– Auto Social WP Plugin


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