Amin Sadak – The Afluent Desktop Currency Trader

Amin Sadak – The Afluent Desktop Currency Trader

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The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader course

Quite simply, if you can master trading, you can earn a very good living from home, working just a couple of hours a day.


When trading stocks, shares and commodities you are limited to when you can open and close positions – the markets are only open for set hours each day. If you still have a position open when the markets close you will find yourself “locked in” until the next day when the markets reopen and you can trade again.


On the other hand, currencies trade around the clock.


The Foreign Exchange (Forex) market is open 24 hours a day (Sunday evening to Friday night), with an estimated $2 trillion being traded daily.


– The Affluent Desktop Currency Traders teaches and discusses:


What the Forex market is

The currency pairs and how they integrate

How to interpret price

How to determine pip value

Lots and lot sizes

Margin and leverage

Brokers, their services and their free trading software

Trading sessions and times


Detailed basics covering many aspects

Technical analysis and reading charts

Chart elements

Types of orders

Tools and Indicators

Chart analysis

High probability patterns and formations

Entering and exiting trades

Money management

Psychology of trading

Several systems

Trading scenarios


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