Amin Sadak – Forex Commander

Amin Sadak – Forex Commander

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The Forex Commander home study course is split into 3 main sections and one alternative section. The entire course is broken down to lead you from the very beginning to the end in a systematic manner. By the time you study the last CD, you will be able to use all the professional secrets to your advantage and profit every day – sometimes with a single glance!

Included CD sets:

The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader Manual

The Master Method Video Set

The Dynamic Gap Method Video Set


The Forex Commander system vault contains a variety of systems which suit different traders at different times.

The vault contains…

Swing & Position Trading Strategies

Day Trading Strategies

Scalping Strategies

and more…


Amin Sadak’s “Affluent Desktop Currency Trader” course has been created with one aim in mind: to show the ordinary, everyday person how to trade the world’s currency markets and win.


If you are looking for a low cost method of making a living from home, online forex trading could be for you.


The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader course

Quite simply, if you can master trading, you can earn a very good living from home, working just a couple of hours a day.


When trading stocks, shares and commodities you are limited to when you can open and close positions – the markets are only open for set hours each day. If you still have a position open when the markets close you will find yourself “locked in” until the next day when the markets reopen and you can trade again.


On the other hand, currencies trade around the clock.


The Foreign Exchange (Forex) market is open 24 hours a day (Sunday evening to Friday night), with an estimated $2 trillion being traded daily.


With such massive volume, currencies are very liquid i.e. there are a great deal of buyers and sellers in the market at any one time. As a home-based trader this means that you can easily get in and out of trading positions when you need to.


Bearing this in mind and realising the potential of trading currencies over other types of markets, Amin began trading the forex market 2 years ago. He knew nothing when he first took the plunge but has since become a very profitable forex trader.


In the beginning, Amin bought and read many different forex trading books. What he found was that each assumed the reader already had a good understanding of how the forex markets worked and of trading in general.


As a complete novice, these manuals were not particularly suitable – they lacked the necessary steps required to initiate the “newbie” to the currency markets.


In effect, Amin went into forex trading “blind”. Luckily, with persistance and hard studying he made it a success but along the way he noted down everything he did – what worked and what didn’t work.


These notes and observations have formed the basis of the Affluent Desktop Currency Trader course. Indeed, he even goes so far as to say “I wrote the manual and explained the basics in baby steps so even somebody who has no financial inkling would understand.”


The course is written in a format which is easy to follow and understand making it popular with stay-at-home mums, retired folk and anyone who has time spare time during the day or evening.


With the currency markets trading 24 hours a day, you are not tied to trading during certain hours as you are when dealing in stocks or shares.


The course takes the average person with zero understanding of trading to a point where they can take substantial weekly profits from the markets.


Amin quotes that you can expect to earn around “£300-£600 ($500-$1000) every week” after following his course. His feedback suggests that this is underselling the potential somewhat with many students exceeding this!


It is suggested that you start with a bank of around £1000 ($1750) and, trading conservatively as described in the manual, increase your stakes as you become more proficient.


The package includes the Affluent Desktop Currency Trader manual, full email support from Amin Sadak and an ongoing education package.


– The Affluent Desktop Currency Traders teaches and discusses:


What the Forex market is

The currency pairs and how they integrate

How to interpret price

How to determine pip value

Lots and lot sizes

Margin and leverage

Brokers, their services and their free trading software

Trading sessions and times


Detailed basics covering many aspects

Technical analysis and reading charts

Chart elements

Types of orders

Tools and Indicators

Chart analysis

High probability patterns and formations

Entering and exiting trades

Money management

Psychology of trading

Several systems

Trading scenarios



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