Amz Analyzer

Amz Analyzer

Bulk Analysis & Profit Calculation Software
for Amazon Professional sellers



FE – Amzanalyze – $348/y

  • FBA Calculations
  • Calculates all Amazon fees in bulk with 100% accurate results to analyze potential products based on FBA or MFN (merchant fulfilled) scenarios. Including: Referral Fee, Variable Closing Fee, Fulfillment Cost, Order Handling, Pick & Pack, Weight Handling, 30 Day Storage, Inbound Shipping, Fulfillment Cost Subtotal, Cost Subtotal and Margin Impact.
  • Inbound Shipping
  • Calculates your inbound shipping cost to the FBA warehouse based on a custom cost per lb. input.
  • Search input
  • AMZ Analyzer will run your supplier lists based on UPC, EAN, ASIN, SKU or ISBN. Want to search what a competitor sells or products matching a keyword? No problem! Want to load a .csv list of thousands of products with supplier pricing or manually enter a few? No sweat.
  • Profit Calculations
  • Calculates net Profit and ROI % on purchase price after all fees and shipping costs.
  • Research data
  • Data mines to return over 100 potential customizable research data fields to help you make buying decisions. Including Sales Rank, whether a seller, Number of reviews, Average reviews, number of FBA competitors, number of merchant fulfilled competitors, product URL and much much more.
  • Custom Views
  • Create your own custom view to see only the data fields that are important to you and export lists in Excel or PDF formats.
  • Subscription, sign up once and go!UNLIMITED USE
  • Process up to thousands of products at a timeSUPPORT
  • 24 hr response time via e-mailFREE UPDATES
  • Automatic software updates as releasedMONTH TO MONTH
  • Subscription can be canceled any time, on-line

GB Name: Amz Analyzer

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GB Price: $348

GB Cost: 35$/10 Peoples

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