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Andrew Fox – Affiliate Millionaire

    Name Product: Andrew Fox – Affiliate Millionaire
    Website: http://www.affiliatemillionaire.org
    COST: $697
    Author: Andrew Fox
    Size: 10.6 GB

Innovation is not always necessarily about reinventing the wheel. Doing so is arguably the number one single mistake made by most wouldbe entrepreneurs.While, indeed, some of the greatest breakthroughs in any industry have come as a result of visionaries thinking (and acting) outside the box, it’s also true that most of us “normal” guys aren’t in that league of superheroes.Affiliate Millionaire is not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about taking what works, and making it better. Some of the material covered in Andrew Fox’s Affiliate Millionaire will be familiar to those of us who already have invested in Andrew’s Affiliate XFactor, about 18 months ago. In fact, even Andrew’s golfing alter ego, Arnie Gallagher, makes a few cameo appearances throughout. It’s a great course that feels comfortable like our favourite pair of jeans.

Everything Andrew illustrates in Affiliate Millionaire is reinforced by case studies on his OWN promotions. So there’s not theory here – it’s the proof! And you’re learning it from one of the rare guys who walks his OWN talk.

Affiliate Millionaire is all about the system, and using it in innovative ways. If you want to be one of smart guys, and reach success faster than you ever thought possible, you can do so easily by emulating Andrew Fox and his bulletproof Affiliate Millionaire System.

Module 1 What Markets to Build your list

Module 2 Building Your List at Turbo Speed

Module 3 How Ive Used Email to Control and Influence People
to Sell $1Million of Affiliate Products

Module 4 30 Days to Automated Sales by Using a Formula
That Makes People LOVE to Buy from you

Module 5 Why Using the Right Bonuses Can Easily
QUADRUPLE your sales

Module 6 How to Use Prelaunch Pages to
Increase Sales by Up to 1000%

Module 7 Engineering Your First Big Affiliate Payday

# The $1,000,000 Swipe File
# The Affiliate Millionaire Toolkit


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