Confidence Beyond Belief-Steve G. Jones

Andy LaPointe – New Offline Consultant

Andy LaPointe – New Offline Consultant

I believe the offline consulting industry is at a vital crossroads and as offline consultants we must meet this decision head on with clarity, purpose and commitment. We are standing on the corner of two distinct paths. The first is to maintain the status quo by following the same prospecting and selling techniques used in the industry since its inception or embrace the next level of excellence small business owners are demanding from offline consultants.

When you think about it, we have a product almost every small business owners wants and needs but we, as offline consultants, don’t know how to “sell it”. You see, rather than trying to persuade small business owners into investing in our services because of the strategies or techniques we implement, we should first be setting proper expectations. Once we set proper expectations, we then sell them on the strategies and techniques we will use to get them there.

We need to be teaching small business owners how to use to the Internet for the right reasons in growing and expanding their businesses. Those reasons are, but not limited to building solid long term relationships, building a loyal customer base and more.

A shift that would completely and irreversibly change the way offline consultants would deliver advice and guidance in the future.

The shift that occurred was the Internet marketing was coming of age. It has been a slow evolving change taking shape over the last decade or so. This change is very similar to the grass growing in your backyard. You see it every day but really don’t think about it until it gets to tall and you need to mow it.
We have entered an entirely new area in which anyone who makes a living online either as a consultant or Internet marketer needs to pay close attention.

This entirely new paradigm is everyone making a living from the Internet should seriously consider toning down the hype and the over-promises of not only the products sold online but the over-the-top statements made on websites or the websites of the business owners we consult.

In addition, Internet marketers should really look to increase the quality of the products they offer and the entire customer service experience. If you have been on the Internet longer than 72 hours you know the quality of material I’m talking about. I’m referring to the eBooks that have incoherent sentences and dozens of the typos on the first page alone.

Today customers expect online companies to provide high quality products and service, fast resolutions to problems and more. In addition, they expect someone to pick up the phone during the customer service hours stated on the website if they call to ask a question about a product or service.

We as offline consultants must be prepared to lead this charge. We are the first line of defense of setting realistic expectations for the small business owners we consult. The days of making sweeping promises of achieving 100% sales grow per quarter are gone.

When there was little online competition these sales goals were realistic and achievable, but it is much more difficult today. I know because I had several websites and worked with clients that experienced such explosive for several quarters.

You see, back on the early days of the Internet, the late 1990’s, most of the information published online was taken at face value. Almost nothing was questioned. Nothing was off limits, everything from the poorly conceived business plans of college students seeking millions of dollars of funding venture capitalists to blatantly false financial statements pumping Internet stocks to dizzyingly heights. Anything that had to do with the Internet was magic. People had to have it. In addition, many people thought how could this new media be inaccurate and untrue? Enron was a prime example of the magic of the Internet.

This one of a kind book is a solid step-by-step guide to combine the magic of the Internet with solid business strategies

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