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Andy LaPointe – Painless Prospecting for Offline Consultants

Andy LaPointe – Painless Prospecting for Offline Consultants

The mission of this book is to provide a step-by-step system to discovering small business owners that are ready, willing and able to purchasing your Internet marketing services. You will learn cutting edge prospecting methods that will help increase your client base and your income immediately.

What makes this material so unique is all the information you will learn has been battle-tested and proven. You see every technique and strategy in this book has been used in the real world. It’s not only a collection of great prospecting strategies, but strategies that have generated clients and cash flow.

You will learn how to prospect for small business owners (SBO) locally by following a proven prospecting system I call Painless Prospecting.
Painless Prospecting is based upon the sole concept of finding “money in motion”. The Painless Prospecting system will show you how to:

• Only spend your time talking with businesses that are ready, willing and able to pay for your services.
• Only use leveraged opportunities to prospect for new business.

I will provide a complete and detailed explanation of each bullet point in the next section. By following the Painless Prospecting system you’ll learn specific and proven methods, both online and offline to discover hidden gems in your local marketplace in rapid time.

But there is one point you must keep in mind in order to succeed. It is the most dreaded, yet it is the most profitable and fulfilling. If you want to succeed in gaining clients and making money by offering your Internet marketing expertise to offline business owner you must personally meet the owner or decision maker of the business. There is no way around this fact. In order to succeed as an offline consultant you must meet small business owners people face-to-face.

One vital point to keep in mind when you are out prospecting for new clients in your area is many of the small business owners in your area desperately need what you are offering. They need your talents, your internet marketing skills and your advice how to grow their business using the power of the Internet.
They need what you have to offer, because if they don’t meet you, some of them may go out of business. They may lose their homes, their businesses and be forced to forfeit their dreams.

As highly skilled Internet Marketer’s we have an obligation to show small business owners how to use the Internet to maximize their relations and their profits. The majority of the small business owners you meet simply don’t have the time, talent or inclination to do it themselves. That is why they need you.
We have an obligation to show them how to grow their businesses by sharing our knowledge and skill. That is why it is vital to meet these SBO’s face-to-face.
I know it can be very tempting to spend an entire day creating brochures, compiling lists of small businesses in your area and creating persuasive sales presentations. However, the bottom line is if you don’t get out and meet business owners personally, you can’t help them to succeed. If they don’t succeed you can’t succeed in meeting your personal and income goals to at any great level of success either.

That is where the Painless Prospecting method comes into play. It takes the pain out of gathering new clients. It removes the frustration of not having a proven prospecting method to follow to get new clients. It provides a simple step-by-step guide for each day of the week, each week of the month and each month of the year to gather new clients fast.

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