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Andy Smith - Project Minisite

Andy Smith – Project Minisite


Dear Future Minisite Superstar,

I have a sad story to tell you that will probably sound quite familiar (although it has a VERY happy ending!).

For over Ten Long Years I slaved away under a tyrannical business owner who got rich from graphics design work that I created… all for a measly salary that barely covered the bills.

I had no pay raises for four years straight, and holidays?

Forget About It.

Meanwhile, the business grew year on year and HE was driving a new luxury car every year- off the sweat of MY brow!

Finally, at an annual review he told me how thankful he was for my hard work, how talented I was, and how much I contributed to the growth of the business…blah blah blah…

But oh, by the way… I wouldn’t be getting a raise this year either- because marketing was eating up the budget.


From that day forward I focused my efforts on developing my business skills and my incredible Project Minisite initiative.

Six months later I was OUTTA there… I quit to start my own website/graphic design business.

And now I enjoy working from the comfort of my own home… under my own schedule… and flexing my creative muscles (And FREEDOM) on a daily basis.

And oh yeah, I’m making a lot of money, too!

But best of all, I’m willing to show YOU how to do it too… If You’ve Got The Guts.
I believe in Massively Overdelivering, so here’s the deal:

If you decide that Project Minisite is for you, I am going to make Nine (9) KILLER extra Bonus Videos available to you with your downloads!

This is truly advanced, Graduate Level training in Photoshop and contain Hidden Secrets painstakingly discovered over my years of working as a Top-Level Designer and Photoshop user.

These Nine Additional Super-Advanced Videos are guaranteed to Blow Your Socks Off and help you gain entry to the ranks of the truly big gun designers.

This sensational bonus package is easily worth HUNDREDS of Dollars on it’s OWN, but it can be yours Free today for taking action.

Ok – the time for talking is OVER…


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