Andy Szekel - Speaker Secrets

Andy Szekel – Speaker Secrets

Why public speaker experts with skills are paid 2 times more? How to use package that Speaker Secrets to remove the maximum from it. Why this multimedia package contains information in three formats (audio, video and text) and how to use it so that learning to be accelerated and long term . What is the conceptual structure of this package and in what order to listen to CDs and watch DVDs.

How to create perfect emotional state before any presentations using visualization and exercise.
How “elude” tough questions and solve objections as “high net” by skeptics in the audience. Why do people ask you difficult questions or throw “banana peel” on stage . and how can you avoid any problems with the elegance of a professional dancer.
Croce style of presentation. This model contains a list of criteria that your speech needs to meet in order to have the desired impact. You can watch it as a way to check the success of your future speech . before you get on stage. It works on the same principle as shopping . make sure you have bought everything you needed before making all the way home only to realize you forgot to buy bread. In addition . if when you check presentations future . you realize that it does not meet two of the criteria . then you add them immediately . and so ensure success even before you walk out the door.
How to use Croce style to get feedback from the public, colleagues or friends and find out who are your weaknesses and your strengths. Once you have this information of 3 – 4 – 5 sources you can make a clear idea about the skills that you need time to refocus more for your speeches to inspire, to persuade, to motivate.
What are the 3 parameters with which you measure progress in acquiring your skills for public speaking.
” I would rather die than speak in public . ” Fear of public speaking is the biggest fear in the world, while the fear of death is at # 4. Why is there such an anomaly and how can you overcome the fear of speaking in public.
Although most people think that you need to get rid of nervous to speak in front of a group of people, the truth is that emotions do not disappear even if 10,000 sites speech (speech = public presentation). What you do is to learn how to guide your emotions so your message to make an impact on the scene.
How fast you learn public speaking techniques to quickly and efficiently pass through the study and reach the more interesting, which is called applying the techniques in your presentations.
What to do in the first minutes of presentation so that you gain credibility, to relax the audience and solve the main objections that runs in people’s heads before you start talking.
How to provide relevancy perspective? The only thing that an expert can offer better than anyone else is the perspective in which information he can offer you is relevant to you. That’s why the doctor listen with interest when you talk about the symptoms you have. They relevance to you. Public speaking site teaches you how to find the relevant offer that if a group of people . it will be very motivated to listen to your ideas.
The three questions that get you out of any “trouble” when doing public presentations. These questions can be used for almost any purpose personal . not only for speech sites.
What are the key beliefs of professional public speakers. What are the beliefs that you need them to you “install” because your success in public speaking to be inevitable. What are some techniques that you can use them anytime you need to install your new belief.
What language do not use in your speeches. What is your message language that provides clarity . and what kind of words is preferable to use in your presentations.
Why planning is important presentation before . but not its observance during speech. Why would well as after you’ve made a plan . to watch it when you get up on stage.
What are the objections that runs in your head people before your presentation and how you can solve it in the first minute.

The 4 Myths About Public Speaking. Myth expert who believes that the results speak for him; Myth emotions – I too many emotions that I could speak in public; Myth public speaker who thinks he knows enough to speak on stage . forgetting brand promotion and credibility; Myth numbers of people who believe that the figures speak for them and do not take into account a particular way to present the reality of facts totally change (for better or worse).

What if “you lose the audience” . in the world is no longer interested in what you say and finds other things to do (like to talk among themselves, play on mobile or even some stand up and leave)
How do you make a “psychological contract” with the group to avoid problems that may occur because of the feeling of confusion among the public.

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