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Live Event Mastery Virtual Bootcamp is a training intensive designed SPECIFICALLY for consultants, coaches, trainers, experts, service providers and small business CEOs who are great at what they do, serious about achieving BIG sales results AND who recognize that in today’s world…
Have you noticed? After so many years of the focus being  about online marketing, the business world has reached the top of the pendulum swing.
And now, because of all the “white noise” being generated online, the real opportunities for cultivating deep connections with your ideal target clients, helping them make decisive decisions
and gaining their commitment to move forward are actually happening…
While everyone else is still busy riding on the online merry-go-round, pouring more and more time and money into their online marketing funnel, and trying to win the war for clicks, you can be in a room with your ideal clients, closing deals
Best of all, the opportunity to get face-to-face with your target clients, and on your own terms, is not only within your reach — it’s actually a lot closer than you realize. Often right in front of you, but ONLY once you know what you are looking for.
Imagine having 5, 10, 50 or even 100 or more of your perfect potential clients in a room with you for anywhere from one to eight hours. How would you use that priceless time… and
The good news is that getting face-to-face with your perfect potential clients can be done quickly, and with little risk or expense on your part — that is, when you know HOW.powerful
In the Live Event Mastery Virtual Bootcamp, you will learn the exact steps to hosting and profiting from three yet low-risk, low-expense types of live events:
impact and income whenever and wherever you want.
“I followed the steps and it reUsing the exact strategies Angelique teaches in Live Event Mastery, sulted in an $80,200 contract almost immediately — and now I’m doing it again.”
Using the exact strategies Angelique teaches in Live Event Mastery,  It also created a HUGE opportunity for future sales because I’ve now been asked to conduct two more of these small events by people who heard about it.
The best part? It’s being put on by a leading law firm… at their cost… and by their invitation for their best HR clients — which is the exact target market I’ve been wanting to break into. All I have to do now is show up!

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