Ari Galper - Chatwise GOLD Package

Ari Galper – Chatwise GOLD Package

Are You An Online Business Owner Who’s Not Happy With Your Conversion Rate?

At This Very Moment
People Are Leaving Your Website
Without Buying A Thing —
And There’s Not Much You Can Do About It…

Until Now.

This is a visitor in your “store.” He’s thinking about ordering,
but because there’s no one there, live, to connect with him, he’ll leave and never return.

You own an online business —
no wait, let me rephrase that —
you own a STORE and it just happens
to be online, open 24/7, and about 98 people out of every 100 are leaving without buying a thing. That means you’re losing money.

They aren’t buying for 2 major reasons:

1. They don’t trust what you’re telling them on your website.


2. There are “holes” in your sales process that you can’t see, causing your visitors to leave and never come back.

5 Myths About Internet Selling That Are Costing You Sales

Myth #1. The Perfect Sales Letter Will Solve Your Conversion Problem

If you have an online business, then you know that having the perfect sales letter is all you’re supposed to need to convert visitors to new sales, right? Then why does your “perfect” sales letter only convert 1 or 2 out of every 100 visitors? You’ll need more than “salesmanship in print” to improve your conversion rate.

Myth #2: All You Need is a Great Product or Service

Skepticism is rampant on the Internet. When you arrive on a website that sells products or services, do you immediately trust the owners of the site (if you haven’t purchased from them before)? Probably not. The Internet is a cold and lonely place for most online buyers. They want to TRUST who they want to buy from — and the best way you can build that trust is by interacting with them person-to-person. We all crave human contact and communication. If you’re not providing it, you’re not building trust — and your visitors will leave without buying.

Myth #3. You’ve Got to Try to “Sell” EVERYONE Who Lands on Your Site

Traditionally, as online entrepreneurs, we’re supposed to “go for the sale” with every visitor — like “hunters stalking our prey.” But that way of thinking ignores the fact that behind every “click” is a real HUMAN BEING who is looking to have their problem solved, not be SOLD. You’ll discover that finding the truth of whether your solution is really a fit for each of your visitors is a much more profitable objective than focusing on “making the sale.”

Myth #4. The Only Way to Get More Sales Is to Buy More Traffic

Sure, you can spend money buying targeted traffic to improve your conversion rate…but that doesn’t really fix the problem, does it? It just ignores the “holes” in your “bucket” – specific sales roadblocks on your site that you can’t see. But your visitors see and experience them – and leave. Why pour more money into your online “store” when you still end up getting a low conversion rate? Plug up the holes in your sales process, and you won’t need to spend another dime on new traffic to improve your conversion rate.

Myth #5. 100% Automation = 100% Sales Success

We’ve been told we should automate everything, but we’ve never been told that this can be the kiss of death for sales. Why? Because it means you’re automating OUT talking to your visitors in real time. Communicating comfortably with visitors before they purchase gives you insights you would never get otherwise. Most online marketers use statistics and trends they collect AFTER the fact, when it’s too late and the sale is gone.(Read article here)

The Secret To Online Sales Conversion

The real secret to online conversion is to shift away from trying to “make the sale” to creating trust with your visitors so they’ll tell you the truth about what’s on their mind.

Let me say that again….

To grow your conversion rate, you’ll need to be open to adopting a new Mindset that shifts your thinking away from “selling” your visitors and toward connecting with them so they trust you and tell you exactly what problems they’re trying to solve.

How do you do that? By talking with them – and the easiest and most effective way to talk on the Internet is through live chat.

(Let me warn you, though, if you think that just putting a chat box up on your website will get you instant sales results, you’ll be very disappointed. Live chat is an extremely sensitive medium. If you use it the wrong way – if you jump right in and start “selling” – most of your visitors will immediately be turned off by you and your site. And they’ll never come back.)

In other words, live chat isn’t just about “chatting” with your visitors, it’s about CONNECTING with them.

Want To Learn More?

Watch This Free Video Seminar
“Discover How to Profit from Adding The ‘Human Touch’ To Your Online Business”

Learn how to:

Create trust with your visitors – and make more sales
Humanize your website – so your visitors aren’t skeptical about buying from you
Connect with potential buyers in real time – and increase your online conversions
Quickly identify buyers – without scaring them away
Fine-tune your website – to remove the “roadblocks” from your sales process

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