Ari Kiev Package ( Discount 25% )

Ari Kiev Package ( Discount 25% )

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Ari Kiev – Trading to Win (Video + Book 70 MB)  72 MB   $25

Ari Kiev – Becoming a Disciplined Trader. Techniques for Achieving Peak Trading Performance (Video 688 MB)   689 MB   $19

Ari Kiev – Mastering Trading Stress (Audio) 124.1 MB $19

Ari Kiev – The Psychology of Risk (Audio)  7 MB (Bonus)


Ari Kiev – Trading to Win (Video + Book 70 MB) 

A breakthrough programfor achieving new heights of trading success

The product of a five-year collaboration between Dr. Ari Kiev, a leading psychiatrist renowned for his success with Olympic athletes, and top equities trader Steve Cohen, Trading to Win gives you the essential tools to overcome outmoded, self-limiting beliefs and mindsets that may be keeping you from a higher level of success. Illustrated with real market scenarios and applications, this powerful program will help psych you into a less stressful, more self-possessed mastery of the trading game and help you reach goals you may never have thought possible.

“The strategies in this book will unleash the hidden trader in you, and can substantially increase your trading profits.” –Jay G. Goldman, Hedge Fund Manager.

“Ari Kiev has written a wonderful guide for money managers, traders, brokers, and investors alike. Sharing his thoughts with us regarding our behavior patterns enables us to take a step back and look at ourselves more objectively.” –Seymour W. Zises, President and CEO, Family Management Corp.

The trading arena has produced its share of select “super-traders,” market practitioners who set themselves apart from the rest of the field with one distinct advantage: mental and emotional toughness. Like outstanding athletes who stay focused, remain calm, and stick to their game plan, these master traders in this highly risky, highly competitive arena possess an edge that keeps them from being distracted by fear, self-doubt, greed, and other emotional components that can cause major losses and prevent gains from soaring to new highs.

Trading to Win presents a step-by-step, goal-oriented program for building the mental and emotional stamina not only to win, but to win on an unprecedented level. Created by a leading psychiatrist for a top trading firm, this proven approach spotlights a set of philosophical and behavioral principles designed to assist you in implementing proactive trading strategies, as well as developing the mindset needed to trade effectively in the realm of uncertainty. Delving into your underlying thought processes when you trade, Trading to Win enables you to understand what is motivating you, whether it is consistent with your game plan, and whether you are in any way sabotaging yourself.

Fully supplemented with real market trading scenarios, Trading to Win shows you how to apply key concepts where it counts–in actual trading room situations. For both professional traders and sophisticated investors, this remarkable program offers a rare opportunity for both personal and financial gain.


Ari Kiev – Becoming a Disciplined Trader. Techniques for Achieving Peak Trading Performance

The world’s leading hedge funds turn to Ari Kiev when they need to fine-tune their trading performance. Now, you can, too, with this powerful new video presentation. This interactive workshop outlines all the methods he trains professionals to adopt, including exercises to help keep emotions in check, stay on a disciplined track – and make trading decisions guided by strategy rather than by an elevated stress level. Let the popular Trading to Win author show you how to remain a cool, strategic, disciplined trader even in the face of extreme market volatility.





Every trader has, at some point, let emotions guide their trading – usually resulting in costly results. The most successful traders will even tell you that the discipline they were forced to embrace as a result, was the key to their future trading success. Now, Trading to Win author Dr. Ari Kiev brings his personal coaching workshop into your own home, so you can develop the skills it takes to be a cool, collected, and consistently successful trader.



This interactive course will help you remove the emotional component involved in making buy/sell decisions. He’ll coach you on the best ways to deal with the stress, anxiety, and adrenaline rush that’s a by-product of daily market activity. And you’ll learn the same methods he’s trained thousands of professional traders to employ as they triumph over the psychological problems facing every active trader.


Reduce your emotional discomfort and increase your trading profits as you learn to:


  • Trade less emotionally, and more strategically.


  • Identify the major stress triggers in trading.


  • Recognize – and overcome – the psychological habits that keep you from achieving maximum performance.


  • Be honest with yourself – rather than masking your trading anxieties.


  • Reduce the influence of greed by setting targets – and learning to stick to them.




You’ll find winning methods for resolving problems when working with a trading partner, and learn to challenge yourself without also elevating your level
Ari Kiev – Mastering Trading Stress (Audio)



Ari Kiev – The Psychology of Risk (Audio)
In The Psychology of Risk: Mastering Market Uncertainty, renowned psychiatrist and trading coach Ari Kiev builds on his internationally acclaimed books Trading to Win and Trading in the Zone to explore the psychology behind risk and trading. By focusing on your appetite for risk-taking, your ability to manage and adapt to risk, and your pathological patterns of risk-taking, Kiev shows you how to overcome the psychological obstacles of risk that undermine your decision-making process and ability to cut losing trades and stick with winners.

Author Information

Ari Kiev is a psychiatrist who specializes in organizational psychology, stress management, and performance enhancement. He is President of the Social Psychiatry Research Institute and is recognized worldwide for his pioneering work in transcultural psychiatry, suicidology, and psychopharmacology. Kiev is the author of four trading books: Trading to WinTrading in the ZoneThe Psychology of Risk, and Hedge Fund Masters. In recent years, he has developed The Trading To Win training programs for dealing with trading stress, portfolio management, risk control, and leadership as they relate to peak performance in the trading arena.
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