Elegance of Conscious Living BODIES - Ariadne Sassafrass

Elegance of Conscious Living BODIES – Ariadne Sassafrass

The Elegance of Conscious Living


Online Summit
hosted by
Ariadne Sassafrass

Welcome to the Elegance of Conscious Living BODIES

Onliine Summit!

What does your body mean to you?

Have you left your body out of the equation of the creation of your life?

Have you disregarded your body on your journey to greater consciousness?

What if your body actually had as much consciousness as you, if not more?

Are you ready and willing to choose to receive all the awareness, consciousness and
magic your body has to offer you in the creation of your life and living?

Is now the time to choose something different – something more with and for your
body and essentially you?

If, “Elegance is using the least amount of energy to create the greatest amount of

effect”, then what if receiving all the awareness, consciousness and innate

knowing that your body has could be the catalyst for a more conscious living?

Would you like to join me and 24 of our world’s greatest consciousness experts in the
expansion into infinite possibilities with your body and your being during
the Elegance of Conscious Living Online BODIES Summit?

Dr. Lisa Cooney
Your Body: The Blessed Choice of Possibility Beyond Abuse
• Dr. Lisa is known as a maverick of consciousness
• Discover and destroy the limitations held within you
• Her brilliant facilitation will bring awareness to you and your body like never before

Mas Sajady
What is Your Anti-Aging Secret?
• Many people say Mas looks younger with time! It’s true he does.
• Spiritually speaking, why is it hard for some people to loose weight?
• Why a strong connection to Pure Source Energy makes you look younger.
• How can we delay the aging process at the frequency level.

Glenna Rice
Receiving the Knowing of Your Body
• What question can you ask to listen to your body and contribute the change it is asking for?
• What is required for to acknowledge the gift your body if for you?
• How many fixed points of view limit your body’s gifts, talents and abilities?

Debbie Rosas
The Body as a Consciousness
• Nia is based on the body’s way, on the design of the body that dictates function. I have always perceived the body as a
consciousness, a wisdom that speaks to me through the voice of the body: sensation.
• Consciousness is the awareness of what is. To be conscious one must notice, pay attention, and awaken. None of this can be
awakened, acknowledge and used without being in the body. Consciousness is power. It takes courage to be conscious.
• Consciousness as knowledge creates change, which is why so many cultures keep people from being educated, from thinking for
themselves, and from expressing what they desire, believe to be true and real, and vision as a new future. This is why I say
to be conscious takes courage. Once you see and know there’s no turning back.

Healing the Shame That Binds You
• Clearing out limiting patterns and beliefs about your body
• Healing ancient wounds to break to liberate you from the past
• Aligning your vibration to embody self-love and self-approval
• Practicing loving kindness and compassion from the inside out
• Excavating and Uncovering buried feelings that never die until we bring them to the light
• Manifesting your body from the energy of divine space, joy, bliss, ease, and grace

Dr. Bradley Nelson
The Emotion Code
• How is emotional trauma the root cause of pain and disease in vast majority of cases?
• What are the most common illnesses associated with trapped emotion in the body?
• The role of the human heart in physical and emotional health.

Dr. Shelly Persad
Body Image Secrets: Could More Orgasms Transform Your Life?
• Move beyond negative self talk and receive the beauty and orgasmic potential your body has.
• Have you shut down and repressed yourself?
• How much pleasure will you allow yourself to receive?

Gary Douglas
Access the Consciousness of Your Body
• Discover some of the lies that you have bought as true about bodies and how this limits you.
• What points of view are you unwilling to let go of that age you and destroy your body?
• What capacities does your body have the you are not aware of?

Awakening Your Infinite Sexual Being
• Move beyond Sexual Shame and Shyness
• Where and what are you holding in your body that limits your sexualness?
• What if you could receive infinite amounts of pleasure?

Andrea Isaacs
EnneaMotion and Somatic Focusing
• What is Enneamotion and Somatic Focusing?
• How can movement unlock what the body is holding?
• Enneagrams: what they are and how they can contribute to new possibilities with your body.

Kasia Wezowski
Your Body Language
• Are you aware of what your facial expressions are saying about you?
• What are Micro Expressions?
• How non-verbal expressions can predict your success or failure.

Jeffery Gignac
Enlightened Transformations:
Receiving the 5 Frequencies of Transformation to Create Your Ideal Life
• Enlightened Transformations: Receiving the 5 Frequencies of Transformation to Create Your Ideal Life
• The importance of balancing these Frequencies.
• How Do we tune our brains and bodies to receive, balance and amplify these frequencies for creating our ideal life?

Dr. Tom Kolso
The Elegance of Energetic Dentistry
• What would it be like to consciously REGROW missing teeth, gum tissue, and bone structures?
• Is it possible to have plaque and calculus NOT buildup on your teeth?
• Modern dentistry says those things are impossible – is that the truth, or is it a big fat lie?

Katherine McIntosh
The Body Explosion! Exploring Possibilities with your Body Beyond this Reality
• Learn how to unlock the stuck molecules of your body that are creating pain, disease, and lack, and step into discovering how to
re-program your body at a cellular level to create a different possibility.
• What if your body is as infinite as you? Let’s go beyond the contraction of your body and learn how to create from the space of
you and your body, rather than the contraction you try to be.
• Break through the Illusion that judgement creates your reality, and uncover how to go beyond it.

Kahu Fred Sterling
The Elegance of Signature Cell Healing
• What is signature cell healing? How can it contribute to you and your life?
• What is the God or Creator Cell?
• How can you become more present with Universal Light?
• What if you could delay aging and extend your stay on planet Earth?

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana
Full Body Presence
• What is Full Body Presence and how can we acquire it?
• What practices can you incorporate in your life that take you beyond stress and anxiety?
• What wisdom does your body hold and how can you access this?

Jennifer Elemental Larkin and Solei K. Larkson
Body Bliss: The Missing Link to Potent Prosperity
• Release body abuse to activate financial freedom
• Nurture your body and spirit to embody self-love
• Clear your body’s stored stresses to discover your true essence
• Reveal the deep hidden blocks destroying your ability to be in flow
• Explore the missing link keeping you locked into insane repeating patterns
• Discover the shocking reason why your body holds the key to your transformation
• Uncover the energies preventing you from being seen and being heard in the world

Raquel Spencer
Access The Elegance of Your Light Body
• Discover how light your body has the capacity to be.
• How can you can use light to change your frequency?
• How can you embody the highest frequency of light?

Steve Sisgold
What is Whole Body Intelligence?
• Life is not meant to be an out of body experience.
• What is spindoctrination and how does it affect our bodies?
• How can whole body intelligence contribute to the younger generations?

Dr. Craig Weiner and Alina Frank
The Elegance of EFT as it applies to Sexual Intimacy and Bodies
• What are the top 3 reasons you may have accepted a less passionate life than you deserve and what steps will get you
back on track?
• Why has living a busy and productive but passionless life become the norm, and why is this so wrong?
• What you absolutely must know about harnessing your sexual chi that goes far beyond physical coupling.

Liam Phillips
Curing the Incurable and other Body Possibilities
• How can one go about curing the incurable?
• What other capabilities could our bodies hold?
• How does sickness and un-wellness in the body begin in the body? What is dis-ease attempting to communicate with the body?

Margaret Braunack
Hedonism With Bodies
• What is hedonism and how does it apply to bodies?
• How can receiving create a communion with your bodies?
• What new possibilities can you create with your bodies? How can you do this?

Stacey Mayo
The Seven Sentilligent Keys for a Happy, Healthy, Authentic Life
• How to sharpen your “Sentelligence” to determine what your symptoms are telling you about what is blocking you from moving
forward in your career, business or relationships.
• How to understand what your teeth are telling you is in the way of being authentic and free to speak your truth in different
areas of your life.
• How to accelerate your success in all areas of life through knowledge gained from your body.
• How your energetic success patterns and habits can be updated and revised to enable you to move ahead with ease, grace,
joy and abundance.
• Stacey will also present a guided meditation to support you in being Free to Be Yourself.

The Real Secret to Releasing Weight and Keeping it Off for Good!
• EVERYONE that is overweight is a highly sensitive individual… is most likely also Intuitive, Empathic, Emotional and easily
affected by other people’s energies or emotions. If you’re overweight, you may be holding onto excess fat because you’re using it
as a physical shield to block out the energies and emotions that you feel from other people instead of letting your own aura
(or energetic field) do it’s job properly. This is why there are many people in the caring professions – doctors, holistic
professionals, counselors, intuitives, advice guru’s and the like that are overweight. They just simply take on so much energy
from others and don’t know how to release it.
• One simple Energetic Weight Loss technique, that you can do in less then 5 minutes to begin to re-train your Energy Field to
allow yourself to start to lose excess weight, 10, 20, 50 pounds or more… and have the emotional freedom you’ve probably
always wanted, but didn’t know how to have before now.
• How to stop putting everything and everyone else in your life ahead of your own health, take charge of your weight loss
and make your health your #1 priority.

About Your Host
Ariadne Sassafrass
Ariadne Sassafrass: Energy Transformation Expert, Empowerment Coach and Access Consciousness Facilitator.
My name is Ariadne Sassafrass and I would love to invite you to a new possibility: that of creating a life from a place of consciousness.
What if there was a new way of being on this planet that started with you accessing your awareness and choosing something different?
My life changed when I started to actually receive me as the unique being that I be, instead of trying to fit into somebody else’s reality. I finally stopped hiding my natural talents and capabilities and began to embrace them. Not only did I become more conscious: I became aware of the energy that is life and creates life or destroys it, and how to play and create from that space. The word Consciousness seems to be a word hidden in ambiguity. When I tell people I am a consciousness facilitator, they are like….what is that? I love the way Steven and Chutisa Bowman define the word Consciousness.
Consciousness is correlated to the intensity of one’s connection with one’self, with one’s acceptance of unlimited talents and abilities and the resulting expansion of one’s ability to be in communion with all things. Being conscious is an experience of expanding our awareness beyond its present limits….Expanded beings are lightness, infiniteness and indefineable…..When we are completely expanded, we have a feeling of total awareness, of being one with life: that place where we have a stillness, a sense of total peace and tranquility…..Living in that reality means that we allow all of life to come to us with ease, joy and glory. (Conscious Leadership: The Key to Unlocking Success pg 15)
As I become more conscious I become aware of and enamored with the power and simplicity of choice: and the dynamic joyful potency of choosing to create something different. What if you becoming more conscious of amazing you could not only create an elegant life of ease and joy, but could also change the planet?
How can we contribute to you so that you can receive your brilliance and join us in the creation of a new conscious reality – the elegance of conscious living?
I have gathered 24 leaders who will offer you their awareness and tools and special approaches that will assist you in not only becoming more conscious of beautiful you, but will also suggest the possibilities for you to create a more an elegant life and a more conscious way of living on this planet. How can we contribute to you so that you can receive your brilliance and join us in the creation of a new conscious reality – the elegance of conscious living?
What else could be possible then?




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