Assertiveness - The Art of Commanding Respect

Assertiveness – The Art of Commanding Respect

Work on Developing Character

The Ancient philosophers didn’t believe that behaving well meant that you were a good person. Ethics and morals to our ancestors wasn’t just about choosing good acts: it was about being a person with inner strength and excellence. They based their ethics on doing what reflected a good Character.

Character is my ultimate focus in The Wild Man Project. I want to help men develop a character that will make them happier, more directed, and emotionally stronger. This is why I write so much about Integrity, Temperance, and Leadership. Because these are all powerful elements in a good Character for a man. If I wanted to give you some absolutely basic advice about building character it would be these:

Try to see things as challenges rather than obstacles.

Understand what your strengths are and work on making them shine.
Pick a career that plays to your strengths and devote energy to being excellent in it.
Hone your health, time management, and communication skills so that nothing slows that career down.
Acknowledge that you control how events affect you, so nothing is good or bad until you make it so.
Accordingly, choose an attitude that helps you to be happy rather than to be miserable.
Have a mission: choose a way you want to make the world a better place and chase it relentlessly.
Learn to bring Creativity into everything you do.
Find passion and energy.
Refuse to let Fear hold you back.

Those few things, lead to all other kinds of changes and developments to your character. They help you build ambition and joy, along with a sense of fair play and honour.

When you focus on your character you are focusing on enriching the very things we choose to respect in people: trustworthiness, strength, calm, happiness, community involvement, and direction.


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