Dan Kennedy: GKIC Info Summit 2013 (REDUCED)

Richard Bandler – Personal outcomes

Richard Bandler – Personal outcomes These DVD’s have been remastered from the original tapes recorded in June 1987 at a three day seminar. During the seminar participants could ask Dr Bandler for any personal change, outcomes, or information, they wanted. Dr Bandler works with individuals and presents information and exercises. Some NLP experts claim that…

Quester et al - Consumer Behaviour-Implications For Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind Retreat – RichardRoop

Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind Retreat – RichardRoop More Info : http://www.richardroop.com/mastermindretreat The Real Estate Millionaire Mastermind Retreat was a 4-day live seminar held in 2011 designed to take the mystery out of starting and growing a successful “recession proof” house buying business — a REAL business that generates consistent and reliable cash profits — regardless…

Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher - Traffic and Conversion Notes 2012 - 2014

Rob Actis – Video Assassin Offline Edition Volume 1 to 9

Rob Actis – Video Assassin Offline Edition Volume 1 to 9 More Info : http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/476250-video-assassin-offline-edition-volume-9-a.html Includes a sales email and a video targeted to General Dentists • Post the video on your website and YouTube • Edit the email to personalize it with your info, • Cut and paste into your email client • Include…

Antulio Bomfim - Understanding Credit Derivates & Related Instruments



Is shezblogging.com a reputable website? Yes, this site is safe to shop at or give your personal information to. This site has been online for 4 years, 1 months, 15 days, It has passed all of our certification tests that validate whether a site can be trusted with your credit card, email address, or other personal information. We could not find enough reviews around the web to give this site additional points. This could be a good thing because it means no one is complaining. If this is a newer site, use some caution. We could not find enough search statistics to give this site additional points.

Dr. Paul The Quantum Psychology Program ( Full version )

Social Traffic Profits

Social Traffic Profits

This video series takes you by the hand, step by step, click by click to creating a great product that not only sells, but increases your profit by several times more!

Here are the six videos..

Introduction To Social Networking – 05:34
You’ll see why you should use Social Networking and a more in-depth view as to why it allows you to gain your client’s trust at a deeper level. You’ll also get a brief overview of it before you dive into the individual sites.
MySpace – 16:36
This is one of the largest Social Networking sites. While it began as a site that was highly used by kids, teens, and college students, it has become an area for older people and businesses to go to for networking purposes. In this video, you’ll learn how to build a network in your niche. While it can take a long time to build the traffic you need, you will learn how and where to outsource your traffic.
Facebook – 12:11
Just like Myspace, Facebook was very popular among college students as it started as a social networking site for this specific market. As the years passed, and Facebook became more popular, it began to allow other different age groups in. Now it goes against Myspace and was one of the huge social networking sites out there. While it has similar features to Myspace, in this video you’ll learn specific areas you should watch out for in Facebook to get the traffic you need.
LinkedIn – 11:56
LinkedIn is a social networking site for the professional and career market. So basically it allows you to network with friends, colleagues, and more for the purpose of professional networking. Not only can you connect with colleagues, friends, and more, but can you find future clients; or find jobs. In this video, you’ll learn how to use it setup your own professional profile, so you can begin to drive traffic to your site.
Yahoo Answers – 10:18
Yahoo Answers for a while was a huge site that allowed people to get their questions answered. This in itself is very viral and it’s a huge growing network. They included a social networking site as part of Yahoo Answers to allow people to find people with similar interests. In this video, you’ll learn how to build traffic in relation to Yahoo Answers specifically.
StumbleUpon – 02:33
StumbleUpon is popular because of it’s ability to help you generate tons of targeted traffic to your website, blog, etc. In this video, you’ll also learn how StumbleUpon works and how you can use it drive traffic to your site. You’ll also be pointed to sites that will help you increase your StumbleUpon traffic.

Christopher Baum - An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata

Brian Moran – The Fan Page Funnel

Brian Moran – The Fan Page Funnel



Value: $997

To show you exactly what this brand new course is all about, let抯 take a quick review of The Fan Page Funnel. Consider this video a test drive, and get warmed up to a system that I抳e been developing in my own businesses since I first discovered Facebook Fan Pages for businesses back in the fall of 2009.

The Fan Page Funnel is complicated, and it is powerful. In short, The Fan Page Funnel is a series of automated systems designed to attract targeted, interested potential buyers, and turn them into happy, paying customers for your business straight from a Facebook Fan Page.

Capture all of the steps required, and you will have developed a business asset that can help your business thrive online. On the converse, missing a step or two can be the difference between profitable campaigns and losing a boat-load of money.

The goal of The Fan Page Funnel is to create an automated marketing and sales funnel, that starts on a Facebook Fan Page, and allows you to be able to attract customers on auto-pilot. And perhaps scarier than anything, The Fan Page Funnel will allow you to go out and spend money on paid advertising while still maintaining strong profits.

Paid advertising is the true test. If you can use paid advertising and still maintain profitability, you have a real business on your hands. And that is the true goal of The Fan Page Funnel.

Christoph Rauscher - Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis

Speed Demon Backend SEO

Speed Demon Backend SEO

With Speed Demon Backend SEO You will Learn:

Over my shoulder when i demonstrate in REAL TIME the results of applying these tactics and strategies into INSTANT results!
The way to rapidly and simply lower your customers?wait the perfect time to UNDER 2 SECONDS (the miracle number for increasing customers, trust, conversions and lowering bounce rates) without needing to pull out and browse the five inch thick tech manual that is holding up your wobbly coffee table within the family room.
Ways to root out and discover ONLY the most important working members of the site to ensure you possibly can turn your bulky hunk of junk into your sleek website form of the Millennium Falcon. Time which will make the jump to light speed!
My proven step-by-step system to attaining Google Love and higher rankings (although effectively absorbing all your snail-paced competitors impatient customers).
My secret to attaining the BLEEDING EDGE competition you deserve together with your customers demand (using these tips you possibly can stand foot-to-foot with any site on the globe).
Advanced home page optimization techniques which will suck your visitors much deeper and much deeper to your site, increasing rankings, increasing conversions, and making you more money when you click refresh in your Paypal account until your F5 button breaks!
How you can turn your overloaded database in a smooth operator it does not only stores your stuff, but helps turn your website right speed machine!
Using these speed enhancement techniques on WordPress sites?PLUS cooking techniques even when your website ISN扵 using WordPress!
My About A Minute Trick to compress your whole site. Conserve to 70% bandwidth (and money) although loading your articles double quick for the adoring fans. Seriously, this is massive! It requires under a minute and Google and Yahoo go nuts for this! Using these processes are what Backend SEO is about.
And far, much more?

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Speed Demon Backend SEO Includes

Module 1 Preparation is Key: (Value $97)

This opening module guarantees you won抰 ever fear breaking your site. I take you step-by-step through the many tools you抣l need throughout this course. For each compensated tool we have a totally free alternative. So you抣l not need to spend just one dollar to do this course once bought.
Module 2 Image Optimization (Value $127)

Module Two is jam-filled with details about the how to optimize every image you抣l ever use. It offers assistance with Best Practice, Retrofitting Images also it offers some sneaky fixes if you抮e right away. Image Optimization is probably the most great ways to streamline your whole operation. Learn to make it happen being a professional.
Module 3 Home Page Optimization (Value $127)

Module 3 sheds light with an overlooked facet of web site design. It is criminal how badly most homepages are optimized. Maximum benefit important landing page right and be equipped for a huge amount of happy customers. That one module alone is worth the money.
Module 4 Database Optimization (Value $147)

Module 4 goes into the hidden backend of the websites. Many people fear to tread here but things i train you within this module is so easy a 7 years old could accomplish it. Through the finish from the module, you抣l have learned to automate the whole process departing you having a clever, responsive, well purchased website and time to burn
Module 5 Heavier Optimizations (Value $147)

Module 5 provides the 慶an be as easy to know? self-help guide to greasy fast speed and supreme website optimization. The methods you抣l uncover here i will discuss considered through the major search engines to become extremely crucial optimizations you can also make.
Speed Demon Training Manual (Value $47)

Speed Demon has a complete easy to implement training manual incorporated within the cost (I intend to release this book soon on Amazon . com like a physical product.)

Eric James - Facebook Shadow Boxing Club

The Outsource Profit Machine 2 + 1

The Outsource Profit Machine 2 + 1

Price : 495$

The Outsource Profit Machine 2 is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Outsource Profit Machine (OPM) course. OPM 1 was groundbreaking — the Market Samurai team shared it with their community and it also became a part of Rich Schefren’s Profit Hacks launch.

Fast forward 12 or so months, and Pete Williams and David Jenyns got the team back together for a round two. This time, they invited a few more business owners from all around the world and some special guest speakers to cover a whole lot more outsourcing tips, secrets, tools and swipe content.

And because this was originally only ever going to be a closed mastermind-style workshop, Pete and Dave open up their Google Docs accounts, show the exact websites they抮e working on, the actual reports they use to manage their team and projects, and they reveal the exact job adverts and interview questions they use when hiring new team members, plus a ton more.

This isn抰 some esoteric course on any level. It抯 a very structured, behind-the-scenes, swipe-and-deploy set of systems and procedures you can implement today, no matter where you are in building your team. The workshop covered a bunch of sessions presented by Pete, Dave, and some special select guest speakers, mixed with very interactive questions and feedback from the elite online marketers that were in the room during the events.

Here are the session breakdowns:

Session 1: Stages of Entrepreneurship. In this important session for any entrepreneur, Dave Jenyns takes you through the 4 Stages of Entrepreneurship and how it directly applies to the type of outsourcing you need to be doing in each stage. After watching this session, you抣l be able to identify where you are right now in your entrepreneurial journey, and the exact steps you need to be taking today. (38:18)
Session 2: Types of Virtual Assistants. In his first guest presentation, Chris Ducker (founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live2Sell Group of Companies) clearly explains the different types of Virtual Assistants available, ensuring you don抰 get burnt hiring the wrong person for the wrong job. (35:03)
Session 3: OPM 2. For those coming to the outsourcing party a little late, this is a must-view session as Dave discusses 搘hat抯 new?in the world of outsourcing since our first workshop (Sessions 1-8 above) and what you need to be aware of to ensure you get the greatest results from your virtual team in 2013. (58:54)
Session 4: Swipe-and-Deploy Templates. This session will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars as Pete opens up his 憇wipe file?and gives you all the templates, job adverts, documents and more, which you can take and implement in your business straightaway. With the content here, you will no longer struggle to find the write document for the right job. Virtually all the systems are here for you to swipe and deploy. (33:53)
Session 5: Virtual Teams. Presented by one of the original workshop attendees, Jen Sheahan, you抣l see a live case study of an OPM student who has taken over the world. Discover Jen抯 triumphs and hurdles, as she took the information from the original workshop, mixed it with experience, and kicked major goals. (50:36)
Session 6: Tools and Tactics. In Pete抯 second session of Workshop 2, he shares all the latest online tools, apps and software he and the team are using right now to increase output, productivity and conversions. (29:54)
Session 7: Understanding Filipino Culture. Chris Ducker joins us again for this session to enlighten you on the true culture of Filipino team members. Discover everything about their culture, personalities, work habits and preferred management style. Don抰 even think about hiring a Filipino until you check out this session. (34:00)
Session 9: Q&A. In the final session of Workshop 2, we open the floor to the live attendees to answer and all of their questions, friction points and queries to leave no stone unturned. (47:44)