Video2Brain – Android App Development and – Learn by Video


If you want to get in on the rapidly expanding market for Android apps, you’ll need to understand the important concepts behind Android development, which may not be intuitive for those familiar with other platforms. In this course from expert programmer and developer Constantin Ehrenstein, you’ll begin by stepping through the process of setting up your Android development environment, defining device emulators, and connecting to actual Android devices. Next, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Android layouts and UIs and how to program your app’s interaction with activities and services. With your basic Android app fleshed out, you’ll learn how to broaden your app’s target audience by making it run on as many devices, screen sizes, and form factors as possible. And finally, you’ll learn how to package your app and publish it to the Android Market. This Learn by Video workshop is published in partnership with Peachpit Press.

VTC – Android Development Using C and Visual Studio 2012

VTC – Android Development Using C and Visual Studio 2012

Mobile development has become increasingly important and popular. There are two platforms that own most of the current market share: Android and IOS. Microsoft has not been successful to date in the mobile market, and developers that are comfortable using Microsoft tools may feel left behind. It is possible, however, to create mobile applications for both Android and IOS using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Mono framework. This course will serve as an introduction on how to create applications for Android using Mono and C#. It will cover basic setup, UI development, options for working with data, interfacing with other Android features, like audio, camera and GPS, and publishing the application to Google Play.

Total Training Personal Computer Fundamentals with Project Files

Total Training Personal Computer Fundamentals with Project Files

Computers are part of our everyday world. Those who have never used a one can be intimidated. Those who use one every day have often not been provided basic instructions – its assumed they know. In this course, we take away the fear and mystery of the PC. We introduce the parts, terminology and basic skills everyone needs to know to be comfortable using a computer in a visual, easy-to-understand way. Want to know what the Windows operating system actually does or why you should care about RAM? How about what actually happens when you log on? With Total Training, youll master the fundamentals of the PC so you can enjoy and benefit from it without frustration or fear. Course outline on next page.

Cashing in on Covered Calls – Basic & Advanced Course

DVD Series ranging from the foundation of principals and concepts needed to evaluate stocks and sell options to Advanced Technical Analysis. Alan Ellman s Cashing in on Covered Calls is a superb publication. The common sense rationale behind his stock option system, in many ways, mirrors my Real Estate Investment Strategy. Those of you who took my seminars or read my books know that I went from a broke landscaper to a multi millionaire in a relatively short period of time I did this by utilizing low risk/ high reward investments. I then established multiple streams of cash flow and compounded my profits through re investments.

Ripple Training – Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X (Re-post)

Introducing the Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X. In this tutorial, Apple-certified master trainer and Ripple Training founder Steve Martin, will guide you through the new workflows, toolsets and features of Apple’s latest professional video editing application, Final Cut Pro X. Whether you are new to digital video editing or transitioning from another editing application – which includes previous versions of Final Cut Pro and iMovie – our goal is to give you a solid foundation for understanding both the how and why behind the software, so you can focus on your ultimate goal – which is telling your stories.

CreativeLIVE – Lighting Essentials with Don Giannatti

Learn how to light in any situation. This special 3-day workshop will introduce you to lighting by learning the basics. Don helps you start evaluating light from a subject centric approach – teaching you to identify how your light will react to your subject. Don Giannatti’s workshop is perfect for photographers working to find their…

SONAR X2 Advanced Workshop: Producer Effects

The SONAR Advanced Workshop series is back with the brand new SONAR X2 Advanced Workshop: Producer Effects. SONAR expert Karl Rose takes you through a comprehensive look at the included effects in SONAR X2 Producer. Learn about many of the critically-acclaimed effects, ProChannel modules, and how they can improve your music production skills.

MathTutor – Differential Equations – Volume 2

Solving higher order differential equations is challenging for most students simply because the solution methods usually run several pages in length even for the easier problems. The student must identify the type of equation to solve and apply the appropriate solution method, which can lead to valuable lost time on an exam if the wrong solution method is chosen at the outset.

Local Marketing Blueprint by ShoeMoney

Business owners – The world is changing VERY rapidly and what people are trying to sell you is often times years old! In this course I am going to walk you through everything you need to not only prepare for the future but also be light years ahead of your competitors. The udemy platform is perfect for this course whether you are going to do the tasks yourself or have someone on your team do it. The content remains forever!

Ryan Deiss – Rank Mogul Complete

The program is a complete training program for people wanting to run their own Search Engine Optimization business. It’s offers complete management training, all the Search Engine Optimization training, videos to send to outsourcers to do the work, all the legal agreements, Search Engine Optimization Ranking forms, voice mail recordings, presentation videos to send to prospects – plus a members area and 4 weeks of coaching with John and Ryan.