AutoPilotLead Platinum + software

AutoPilotLead Platinum + software

Auto Pilot Lead is our automated chat agent solution that customers place on their websites to significantly reduce visitor abandonment. Simply create the script of questions for the agent to ask every visitor in effort for them to leave their contact information for follow up.
Double Click to edit this textThe system is designed to intelligently understand visitor responses and answer accordingly, either as a response to the agent question or if the customer interjects with a query. Additional features, such as agent rotation, keyword triggers and rotational response cycles, provides a real life experience for site visitors.

This enables websites to retain 80% more of their website traffic and turn them in to hot leads



FE – AutoPilotLead Platinum – $897

  • Auto Lead Machine: ($997 value) The complete “Autopilot Lead Machine” that generates instant results for almost any website (the secret to making a fortune with this strategy).
  • Exclusive Guerilla Training: ($497 Value) Exclusive training sessions to land 5 deals in 7 days flat….
  • Mass Marketing Strategy: ($397 Value) Killer mass marketing strategy that allows you to land crazy high end deals on mass (secret to 10x strategy)
  • Video Attention Technology (more leads) (Platinum only): Video Attention Technology to further increase leads I can generate for any business.
  • Magnetic Lead Machine : ($997 value) The complete Magnetic Lead Machine that practically forces online advertisers to reach out to you…
  • Doodle Video Landing Page: ($3000 value) 3k Doodle video landing page that generates crazy conversions.
  • Expert Certification from us (upon graduation)
  • White Label version ($10,000 Value coming up, 50 seats only) White label version of the magnetic funnel machine to position you as a 7 figure agency (fastest way to make high end sales fast)

GB Name: AutoPilotLead Platinum + software

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GB Price: $897

GB Cost: 90$/10 Peoples

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