Azon List Explosion

Azon List Explosion

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Price: $97

“Would you like Amazon to give you $168.34
per day and add 1,900 buyers to your list?”
Amazon Finally ‘Coughs Up’ Emails of
Your Customers, But Only If You Use
My Simple 5-Step Process…

LIARS! I’m so angry I could spit… What they told us wasn’t true! They said –

“You can’t build an email list using Amazon… there’s no way you can get customer names and customer emails through Amazon. GIVE UP!”

Have you heard that too? Well, it’s bull…! You can easily pull buyers off of Amazon and onto your list, and it’s totally FREE. Look at this…
Add 37 New Amazon Buyers to Your Email List… EVERY DAY

***If the link is dead please sent mail to me, I will reupload immediately***
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