Backlink Beast v1.0.49

Backlink Beast v1.0.49

Backlink Beast v1.0.49

You may notice this version has been shared before a long time ago.
However, the dev does not update the version often at all since the software works very well.
But they do update the Site List very often, usually every month give or take.

I cracked this version tonight and it has the newest site list.

Also, I have tested this all the way through and can confirm everything works.
Yes..including the email system which other cracked versions had issues with.

I tested the eMail setup with a catchall email address from one of my domains. So I am not sure how well the free email verification works.


1.) Unzip on your computer wherever you choose
2.) Run BacklinkBeast.exe
3.) Mo need for username or password, already set for you, just click verify/login
4.) if at any point it asks if you want to update or repair….DONT DO IT! This should be common sense
5.) Enjoy Backlink Beast and make much backlinks 😉
6.) If you are having issues with any part of the software please let me know and I will do my best to figure it out….I am talking about bugs..not a tutorial on how to use the software.
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[b][color=red]***Please send email to me If the link is dead, I’ll reupload immediately***[/color][/b]
My email: [email protected]

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