Frank Buttera - Balance Trader - Market Profile Trading Course

[center][b]Frank Buttera – Balance Trader – Market Profile Trading Course[/b][/center]

Includes PDFs, Jpegs of the main setups, all 11 Lessons, plus additional videos

Cluster Theory 0
Cluster Theory 1
Cluster Theory 2
Basic Setups 1
Basic Setups 2
Basic Setups 3
Dropping Down Timeframes
Balance Trader – Auction Market Theory Cycles

and some examples of live trades
4 new Video’s for the Advanced Traders
Dropping Timeframes 1 – Profiling Smaller Timeframes With Intraday Bar Charts
The Bigger Timeframe 1 – Splits, Merges And Countertrend Trading
Globex Highs and Lows – Your First Trading Options For The Day
The Initial Balance / Buying and Selling Tails – Setting The Tone For The Day Timeframe
Assessing institutional activity via the profile



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