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Best Futures, Stocks and ETFs Trade Set-ups - Robert Miner

Best Futures, Stocks and ETFs Trade Set-ups – Robert Miner

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This is a webinar recorded on Feb. 25, 2005, which contains several Robert Miner’s several futures, stocks and ETFs trading set-ups and market analysis during that period of time. it’s very informative with its approximately 1.5 hours time period of length. It’s good companion for anyone who’s using or studying his trading method. If you are currently watching his dynamic trader workshop, it could be a good appendix material to help you study and practice.

Robert Miner Best Futures, Stocks and ETFs Trade Set-ups

Robert Miner was named the 1997 “Market Guru of the Year” for his S&P analysis, forecasting and trade strategies and has also been a first place winner in the annual real- time trading contest by a major brokerage company. His book “Dynamic Trading was named the 1999 Trading Book of the Year.

Robert Miner has been in the forefront of Dynamic Time and Price analysis and projection techniques development for more than a decade. Since 1986, Miner has contributed over twenty articles to trading and investing publications regarding his unique methods of time and price analysis and forecasting methods for the financial and commodity markets. He has also spoken at conferences throughout the U. S., Europe and the Far East.

Miner’s Dynamic Trading Book named Trading Book of the Year

Miner was named the Market Guru of the Year by the 1997 Supertraders Almanac for his S&P analysis, forecasting and trade strategies. His book “Dynamic Trading” was named the 1999 “Trading Book of the Year”. Miner is also a First Place winner of the annual real-time trading contest sponsored by a major futures brokerage company. Very few trading educators and advisory service publishers have had any real-time trading experience. Miner is an exception to this rule which is reflected in the practical quality of his instruction, advisory material and software program.

Miner Named “Market Guru of the Year” By the 1997 Supertraders Almanac
Of the hundreds of technical analysts and trading and investing advisors, Robert Miner was named Market Guru of the Year by the 1997 Supertraders Almanac for his incredible analysis and forecasting of the S&P in 1996. Early in 1996 when the S&P stood at 640 and most analysts and advisors were predicting the “overdue”top was at hand, Miner projected that the S&P would reach a minimum of 720 in 1996 and would not complete the bull trend prior to Oct. These were just the minimum price and time projections for 1996.

Miner recognized the May 23 – Aug. 216 decline as a correction in the bull trend and not the beginning of a bear market as was so loudly proclaimed by many analysts. In the July 20 Dynamic Trader Weekly Report, Miner identified Aug. 216 as a wave four low and projected an immediate continuation of the bull trend to new highs. This is exactly what unfolded.

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