Beverley Watts - WSO Crusher II

Beverley Watts – WSO Crusher II

Have you always wanted to create a WSO but just didn’t know where to start…?

Do you want to know how the most successful WSO creators consistently put out WSOs that sell hundreds, even thousands of copies?

I asked the Warrior Forum’s leading WSO creators exactly how they do it…!

I went out and grilled the Warrior Forum’s top WSO creators so that YOU CAN LEVERAGE THEIR EXPERTISE to find out…

How and where to get the best ideas for your WSO

What kind of research you need to do and where to do it

The absolute best topics for WSOs

How to decide what format your WSO should take

How to ramp up your visitor value and completely over deliver in your WSO

Up sells and OTOs – time tested profit maximizing strategies

Bonuses – the positives and the negatives

How much you should charge – the ins and outs of dime sales and ‘scarcity’ tactics

The best times to launch your WSO and, more importantly, the times to avoid

The right way to get affiliates on board to promote your WSO – the secrets you never get to know

And Much More…!

First There Was WSO Crusher I: Info Product Masters Edition…

And now you have…

WSO Crusher 2: Offline Marketing and Social Media Masters Edition

The second in a series of 3 WSOs showing you exactly how to leverage the knowledge of experts in WSO product creation in their different fields…
I recorded each of these interviews in MP3 format and now they can be yours for an investment so small you’ll think I’m crazy!

These A list marketers spoke candidly and openly when pressed to divulge their innermost secrets to creating their insanely successful Warrior Special Offers

Let me introduce you to the Offline Marketing and Social Media Masters…
James Sides

Barely 18 months after leaving his job while earning less than $50 a month online, James Sides has reached the point of no return. He is working towards his goal of $1,000,000 a year online by December 2012 and is already ahead of schedule!
James has created several tremendously successful WSOs including ‘Tube Spy’; ‘Offline Renegade’; ‘InstaCash Formula’, which sold over 1400 copies in under 24 hours, and his latest, ‘Publishers Playbook’ which was WSO of the Day.

Sam England

Sam England is a serial entrepreneur who has been in the ecommerce and drop shipping business since 2003, running a number of successful stores online.
Sam’s specialty is creating and promoting drop shipping sites that earn an easy residual income; however, he is also creator of a seemingly inexhaustible supply of hugely successful Warrior Special Offers – 40 and counting at the time of this interview! His WSOs include Fiverr Explosion, Redneck Product Creation, Easy Affiliate Goldmine and his latest Ecommerce Riches
Dr Ben Adkins

A trained Chiropractor since 2007, Dr Ben Adkins is also a very sought after Marketing Consultant and specializes in helping others with self-promotion by mixing Online Social Networking with Old-school Marketing Techniques. He is hugely successful in the Offline market and can only be described as a prolific creator of WSOs including ‘The [Real Life Like] Generator’; ‘Melt The Iceman’; ‘Offline List Crasher’; ‘Agent Black System’; ‘The Devil Wears Fiverr!’ and ‘The 5 hour Product’

Will Perkins
Will has been meddling with computers, video games and the internet since he was 2 years old and from the age of 9 he’s had his own business! For the last 6 years he has been working in the Internet Marketing industry – despite being only 19 at the time of this interview. In fact he is currently putting himself through college solely on the money he is making online.
He has created some awesome WSOs including ‘Offline Unplugged’, ‘Offline Bonanza’ and ‘Local SEO Monster’, ‘Affiliate Overload’ and most recently ‘Buyer Overload’
Originally Posted by James Sides View Post
Hey folks,

Just wanted to stop by and say that this offer really is THAT good. (and I’m not just saying that because I was on the sales page lol).

The warrior forum is extremely powerful when utilized in the right ways and WSOs can have a launching effect on your career like no other. When I started this crazy gig in 2005 I wanted to make $10,000/month online. In 2009 when I decided to leave my job I was making $50/month online…

Lots of hard work and frustration went into getting me to the point of a full time income but then I stumbled on WF. Suddenly the goal of making $10k a month came and went in a matter of weeks and the only thing I could say to myself was how had I been overlooking this for the last six years!

Do yourself a favor and avoid my mistakes. Learn how to launch your own successful WSO and skip the huge learning curve most of us had to go through!



Let me be totally honest with you
Listening to these Interviews could easily make you thousands of dollars

Not Listening to these interviews could cost you thousands of dollars

So, if you’re still trying to put the pieces together from anywhere and everywhere…

You need to STOP right now

Stop wasting time you haven’t got

Stop trying to build the jigsaw from random pieces…

Get the full picture from 12 of the most successful WSO creators in the Warrior Forum
These experts have all the answers you need to become

The next 5 figure WSO earner
Originally Posted by bolaji View Post

Bev’s obsession with providing massive value for her customers really shows in this product. I’ve been nothing but floored at her “never-give-up” attitude in bringing this to the marketplace… despite the various challenges that litter the path from idea to product launch.

I got my start creating and launching WSOs a few short months ago, working with folks featured in this product. The information you’ll find here is invaluable in helping you AVOID a lot of the mistakes that information marketers make when starting out.

Save yourself wasted months of your life, and unnecessary heartache.

Avoid the avoidable.

Grab this, consume it, and latch on to Bev as someone who has walked the walk
(and will continue to do so)!
Originally Posted by Bill Guthrie View Post
Beverly does an outstanding job of bringing together some of the Forum’s brightest product creators, marketers and problem-solvers, and then holding their feet to the flames until they give away all their best ideas and strategies that generate hundreds of thousands in yearly revenue.

Great job, Bev!
This is a dime sale so click the buy now button below to secure your copy of WSO Crusher at this price
So what else do you get…?
Bonus #1…

Maybe you’re someone who prefers to read the information, rather than listen?

Well that’s why I had every recording transcribed, and I’m including them all FREE if you take action now…
Bonus #2

You want to take action fast?

I’ve also included a ‘Hot Sheet’ for each interview so you can pick out the key points and start creating your WSO as quickly as possible

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