Bob Ross – The 9×12 Rocketeer

Bob Ross – The 9×12 Rocketeer

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Price: $197

“Churn 9×12’s Out Faster Than Ever…And Watch as Cash Gets Zapped Into Your PayPal For Weeks Straight.
Plus, Your Fear of Selling Spaces Will Flutter Away Like a Fart in the Wind.”

Ahoy there,

Captain Bob Ross here. and I politely ask you to stay glued to the screen for what I’m about to share:

Groupon and other deal sites suck in thousands of dollars every day, blasting high-value deals out to everyday locals.

They pocket an astounding 50% of all revenue; just by putting offers in front of them with no upfront cost.

Wouldn’t you want to reap those kind of profits and generate business on command?

You’re a marketer.. why wouldn’t you want that kind of power!

No matter where you are, there are owners right now willing to cut their left tootsies off for the chance to get a rush of business with no upfront cost.

Think of everything you could do better than the deal sites; like help them keep customers coming back and buying more.

But how can you reach locals with these kind of offers? You cant spend millions like they can to generate an email list.

Oh… yeah… that’s right; 9×12’s can saturate every household in the area, can’t they?

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