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Bob Scheinfeld – The 11th Element

Bob Scheinfeld – The 11th Element

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Price: $99.95

Your wealth, career, and achievements are all shaped by a powerful set of unseen, rarely discussed forces known as the “11th Element.”

Many of the richest people in the world have quietly used the 11th Element to unleash an avalanche of prosperity and potential in their lives. As they’ve discovered, this mysterious and potent force is the key to finding lucrative business and investment opportunities … sending the sales, profits, and value of any business soaring … eliminating debt and building long-term wealth … developing new products, services, and ideas … starting your own business dramatically increasing your productivity … and achieving everything else you have been dreaming of and working towards!

But almost no one has explored the intricacies of the 11th Element or revealed the secrets to accessing it UNTIL NOW.
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