Bob Serling – Million Dollar Licensing 2009 Additions w. Campaign Zero

Bob Serling – Million Dollar Licensing 2009 Additions w. Campaign Zero

Bob’s 2009 relaunch of Million Dollar Licensing had such a fresh description, many of us thought it was a brand new product! So we purchased it, only to discover that the main content (and many bonuses) were the same as Bob’s now-classic Millionaire Licensing. But there turned out to be so many great add-ons to the 2009 re-release and such massive interest, we just had to do a Group Buy! After some extensive comparison, we proudly present the 2009 updates, to make TV’s version current and complete. Major thanks to our pledgers, organizer, staff and all members who helped to bring this value to TheVault!

Guests Include:
– Declan Barnett (the Ninja Licensing Master)
– Peter Parks (Campaign Zero, co-creator of )
– Frank Kern
– Ken McCarthy
– Jessica LaRock
Additional Notes:
• 3 DVD Rips in AVI
• AVIs’ Recommended Player is aspect ratios narrow in MPC & WMP
• 1 CD Rip in MP3 (Unannounced Bonus)
• Campaign Zero (MP3/PDF/DOC) (not a separate product)
• FAQ Knowledge Base Site Rip (HTML)(78 Entries)
• FAQ Rip omits indices for specific sections, in case of updates
• FAQ Includes “4 More Questions You Should Be Asking” Special Report (DOC)

• File Count: 3 AVI, 3 MP3, 4 DOC, 80 HTML, 6 PDF, 3 GIF, 1 JPG in 10 Folders


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