Body Language for Entrepreneurs – Vanessa Van Edwards

Body Language for Entrepreneurs – Vanessa Van Edwards

Do you want to have more business success? Mastering body language is the missing ingredient for many business owners. Nonverbal communication can not only help you be more effective in your business dealings, but it can also give you an added edge above competitors.

93% of our communication is nonverbal.

But we rarely think about our body language when dealing with clients, investors or at networking. We think about what we are going to say, but we don’t consider how we say something. Research shows how we say something is even more important than what we say.

This course is made up of the 6 areas every entrepreneur needs and how body language can help you succeed.

Customer Relations:

Building Rapport
Successful Selling
Winning Client Relations
Customer Validation
Your Nonverbal Brand:

Effective Networking
Impactful Elevator Pitching
Buidling Your Online Presence
Building Your Business Team

Lie Detection
Finding Great Partners
Connecting with Colleagues
High Pressure Business Situations

Investor Pitching
Public Speaking
This course will teach you how to be more effective in all of areas of your business.

Body language will completely change the way you do business.

What People Are Saying About Vanessa and her Courses:

“This body language course ROCKED my world! It’s the only tool you need.”

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