Brad Gosse – Collection of Resell Products
Brad Gosse – Collection of Resell Products

Market price: 997$
Author: Brad Gosse
Size: 13 GB

I know, I know. I always bitch about long sales letters. This is long but not as text heavy as most. I couldn’t prevent it in this case because I had to illustrate exactly how much value I am giving you here.

My name is Brad Gosse. I have been developing products online for years and below is my finest collection of re-sellable products ever compiled. Everything below can be resold, repackaged, relabeled or given away to subscribers or as a bonus.
Purchased separately the licenses to these products are worth $4,883. Because I am feeling generous I am offering these products for a limited time at a bulk discount.
Why am I selling these bundles?
Because I want to help you kick start your online efforts with complete websites, graphics, how-to manuals and more.
What can I do with these products?
Start a membership website
Build mailing lists
Sell them individually on your own sites
Sell the content physically on Ebay or Amazon

Your license allows you to do everything except upload the content to free download locations like youtube or a public section of your website. Everything below should be either resold or offered as a subscriber incentive.
Why the time limit?
This isn’t a false scarcity play. I am planning to re-work this offer and sell it for MUCH MORE shortly. I am simply offering you a chance to grab everything early at this amazing price as my way of saying thanks for sticking with me.
Even if you have purchased some of my products there is an incredible value below. Take advantage of this offer before the time limit runs out or you will be sorry 😉

Bundle #1 $282 Value
101 Tips Packages
Each package comes in a variety of formats that include: a 22 page brand-able e-book in .pdf and .doc formats, a 24”x36” brand-able wall poster in .ai and .psd formats, a 30 minute audio program in .mp3 format, email newsletter drip feed in .txt format, a 30 minute video with audio in .mov and .flv formats, an email opt in template graphics and html, youtube embedded template graphics and html, order now button,
The 101 tips packages have always been very popular with resellers and subscribers.

Bundle #2 $224 Value
Premium Video Collection
Shot and edited by professionals using high end equipment. These videos are a great plug in product to any membership site. They stand alone as their own products and can be made into physical DVD’s. Videos compressed to H.264 MP4 @ 4000 KBPS 720×480.
The SAT Math videos come with a bonus website, complete with banners, opt-in boxes, cover art and more. Just this one bundle is worth more than the entire package price.

Bundle #3 $400 Value
25 Hypnosis Audio Programs
25 hypnosis MP3 audio programs designed for every person. In addition to the popular titles below I have audio programs such as: anti aging, asthma, attract a perfect partner, dealing with bed wetting, body image, stress from a child crying, confidence, jealousy, listening, phobias, self love, study habits and more. There programs alone could be turned into a million dollar a year business.
Self help through hypnosis is becoming extremely popular online. Many of these programs have never been released to the public.

Bundle #4 $64 Value
Short, Killer Reports
These extremely popular PDF reports have been selling like mad at prices between $5 and $16. Current, information packed and highly effective, these documents will have your buyers and subscribers begging for more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to resell these to your own visitors or list.
Each report is 3-4 pages and is beautifully designed. Half the value of information like this is in how it’s presented. Many people won’t read the report right away but when they see how it’s presented they will be happy they made a purchase with you.

Bundle #5 $2120 Value
Stock Image Collection
These images sell for $4 or more EACH through my account on I shot these photos myself and each has been exported in full resolution (approx: 3504×2332 @ 5MB). All my models sign a contract and I took every one of these photos myself. You will get a non-exclusive license to use these images in unlimited projects. The only restriction is you can’t resell the rights. You must use them in your own designs, client work, print, ebooks etc.
The images below are a little dull looking to make this page load faster. The originals are full of color and are extremely sharp.

Bundle #6 $64 Value
Audio Program Collection
Personal and business development MP3 audio programs designed to fire you up and motivate. Justin Popovic and I discuss a number of topics surrounding self sabotage, sales skills, public speaking, SEO, offline marketing and more. Each audio program can be resold or given to your subscribers as an incentive. People have contacted us to express how inspirational these programs have been for them.
Your customers and subscribers will thank you for sharing this with them!

Bonus Bundle $1729 Value
New and Unreleased

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