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Attention Offline Marketer: This course will never be offered again! This is only the second time I’ve ever offered it, and it will be the last time I’ll offer this life changing MBA level training course again!
Because this is the last time, I want to get this course into as many hands as I possibly can to put a stop to all of the “wanna-be marketers” and product creators who are giving wrong information or steering people in the wrong direction because of their lack of in-depth knowledge of offline businesses and marketing to offline businesses.
This is why I’ve dropped the price dramatically. In fact, I give you a few different choices making it incredibly affordable to everyone.
So let me tell you about this amazing course that will change your life forever and give you the the knowledge you need to create the life you desire.

The Most Thorough And Advanced Course Available That Will Show You The EASY Way To Create A $100,000 to $1,000,000 Business!
Important Notice: This Course Can CLOSE Any Time WITHOUT NOTICE
This is the most thorough, most in-depth training course you’ll ever own with 88 hrs 30 min & 25 sec of detailed “nuts & bolts” step-by-step instructions. Plus there’s another 36 hrs 45 min & 35 sec of bonus training that goes with the modules. And that’s not everything.
If you’re looking for an in-depth detailed course that will show you step by step how to build a million dollar business, you just found it.

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What The Ultimate Training Course Can Do For You:
After learning foundational and key information about offline businesses and marketing to offline business along with 3 never before revealed courses on lead generation marketing nobody else is teaching, you can become the most feared competitor in your market place raking in the leads.
You’ll be putting in place the right solutions for your clients that’ll have your clients glued to you and sending you referrals and buying whatever you recommend.
You’ll learn business models (nobody is teaching this foundational “key” information) that’ll have you making $100,000 per year or $1,000,000 per year or $10,000,000 per year … you decide how much effort and work you want to put in this business and how much money you want to make! Then put in place the right business model and start working your business.
You’ll learn the biggest mistakes others are making (likely even you are making) that’s killing their marketing efforts and killing their sales efforts. Fix these things and watch how much easier it is to generate leads and create sales.
How you can interview sales people even if you’re not a sales person yourself and have them begging you to hire them, and then thanking you when they get their big fat commission checks.
How you can build sales teams in cities across the country that are absolutely killing it in sales while watching your businesses sales and your income skyrocket!
How you can hire an outsourcers team (we call them Technical Service Members) and have them train themselves (huge time saver). They’ll also work with your sales team teaching them product knowledge, work with your customers and will become an invaluable asset to your company.
Keep reading to learn what else you will learn and be able to accomplish  after completing this advanced, very thorough course.

Module 1: Knowing Your Market Place … Getting Into The Minds Of Offline Business!
Being taught how offline business owners think, what’s important to them, what isn’t and more. Knowing the things I’m going to be teaching you in this module about your market place is key to marketing to them and selling to them!

Module 2: This Is All About YOU
Each of us is an individual with our own experiences, our own skill sets, our own character, our own beliefs, our own priorities. Here we’ll show you what the differences are between those that DO and those that DON’T, those that SUCCEED and those that FAIL. I will help you to break down those ‘limiting beliefs’ that are holding you back from being the amazing and successful man or woman you were born to be.
Success is not a mystery, as you’re going to learn, and it’s in the grasp of anyone who wants it, but it all starts with YOU!

Module 3: Building Your Team & Structuring Your Business
In everything you do, a solid foundation is critical to your success. You’ll learn how to put in place a solid business model and business direction … your business model is key to explosive growth; how to hire, train and maintain sales people who are selling; and how to put in place an amazing outsourcing team.
Nobody is teaching this!

Bonus Core Module 1: How To Present, Sell and Close The Sale
In this business, you’ve got to know how to present, sell and close the sale which is exactly what you’ll learn in this module.
Having trained hundreds of sales people over the past 27 years and building a successful offline marketing company, this course’s value should be 3 times what I listed.
You’ll also learn the important role “salesmanship” plays in crafting marketing pieces!

Bonus Core Module 2: Triple Your Business Size Practically Overnight
You’re plugging away generating new leads and clients. Life is good. Then you learn the strategies of how to TRIPLE your business practically overnight, put the strategies in place and before you know it you’re business is 3 times the size.

Module 4: Guaranteed Offline Success
Here you’ll learn strategies that will guarantee your success! This offers both a PDF course manual and a training webinar to provide clarity and answer questions.

Module 5: “The Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes: How To Create Killer Lead Generation Marketing Pieces”
To really be in control of your leads and your business you need to know how to create your own lead generation pieces. Here we’ll dissect lead generation marketing pieces. By the time you’re done with this module you’ll be crafting lead generation marketing pieces that pull in leads like us pro’s do.
While there are a lot of courses on the market on how to craft “sales letters”, there’s nothing on the market on how to craft lead generation marketing pieces. To make this even more complex, you’re crafting marketing pieces to compel businesses which has a different style than what you’d use if it was for consumers.
I cover all of this in this advanced, one of a kind course.

Module 6: The “More Info” Strategy … A Very Powerful Strategy By Itself That Will Massively Improve The Results Of Other Strategies When Combined With Them!
This is a game changing strategy that removes the resistance of the business and helps you align more effectively with them.
Again, another strategy that we brainstormed pulling from an incredibly successful marketing strategy pre-internet and then re-engineered to take full advantage of the internet to take this strategy to an even deeper level!
There are numerous bonuses that come with this module.

Module 7: The “Give It” Strategy … You’ll Have An Unfair Advantage That Others Will Not Be Able To Compete Against!
This is a big module. You will learn our #1 lead generation marketing strategy to positions us as the expert and offers an “irresistible offer” to the business that takes them over the edge and makes them want to spend time with you!
This doesn’t take into consideration how priceless it is to be able to give away as many software programs as you want.

Module 8: The Most Important Marketing Tool For Offline Businesses
This is also a big course. The #1 Product To Sell If You’re Committed To Helping Businesses Grow… The MISSING Link To Everything You’re Selling! This Product Really Is The MOST IMPORTANT Marketing Tool An Offline Business Could Own.
And Get This … It’s Far Easier To Sell Than SEO, And Businesses “Get It” and Love It! Plus, SEO Becomes A Shoe-In Once This Product Is Put In Place.
This module and the product you’ll learn about will change the standards to offline consulting.

Module 9: Less Cost, Less Risk, More Money
Learn a surprisingly easy way to sell a specific type of product. Pulling in 2-5 sales a day is realistic.
Module 10: Not being offered at this time due to Google Algorithm change in October.

Module 11: Automating Your Business
Learn how to effectively automate your business to save time and stay on top of everything. There are lots of areas that can be automated.

Module 12: One Hour With Bradley One-On-One
Having a one-on-one is the clincher to this course that pulls it all together. With 100% success with one-on-one consulting you’ll find this hour with Bradley to be invaluable and an important step to creating the success you’re after in your business!
This is only available to the first 50 participants. Hurry and get your order in so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Bonus Module 1: Mobile VT Strategy
If you’re doing mobile marketing or want to get into mobile marketing this bonus will show you a very easy approach to sell mobile marketing. It combines offline marketing with mobile marketing and offers the business numerous benefits. This also shows the business owner that you “get” offline marketing!
This bonus even includes are presentation to sell the service to businesses.

Bonus Module 2: A Product Businesses Love
Most offline consultants don’t even realize how significant this online product is to offline businesses. When presented correctly, there’s a group of businesses that will just drool over this product and want it in place ASAP. That’ll put $995 to $1,995 into your pocket plus a monthly maintenance fee.
You’ll now have another amazing product to offer to businesses.

Bonus Module 3: Back-End Marketing For Offline Businesses …

Finding Money To Pay For Your Services
One of my tricks is to do a low-cost marketing strategy to the businesses existing customers with the agreement that if we generate “X” amount of money that we can use a portion of that money for the services I’m recommending. There’s a strategy to all of this.
When you pull it off, you now have the money for the other services you want the business to purchase. But, that’s just the beginning of what happens with this strategy that will have you cashing in big with businesses.

Bonus Module 4: How To Use The UBL List
Below, as you’ll see, HUGE Bonus #2 is my complete UBL list of 20+ million businesses. In this bonus module I’m going to show you multiple money making ways to use this list. I’ll bet you hadn’t even considered most of them, but will also agree that the strategies are just down right brilliant!

HUGE Bonus 1: OMC Premier System
I use a lot of different tools in my business. This is one of the most important tools I use! I just absolutely couldn’t imagine not having it. Now you’ll get it at as part of the Ultimate Training Course.

HUGE Bonus 2: Complete UBL List of 20+ Million Businesses
Like mentioned above under Bonus Module 4, for purchasing the Ultimate Training Course you’ll be receiving my complete UBL list with 20+ million businesses. While having a list of 20 million businesses is nice, what makes this so valuable is an average of 80% of the records have contact names.
Plus most records will also have number of employees and annual revenue. And yes, all records also include the SIC code and SIC description so you can filter your records by niche. This list has made me a lot of money!


Price: $997

Just For:$85

Buy Here:
Contact to Support via Skype: jackkie909 | Email: [email protected]

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