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The Brain Salon is a SERIOUSLY POWERFUL collection of SIX MP3 audio sessions, each designed to bring about a specific state of mind.

Whether you’re looking to boost your mood, increase your focus, or become more creative, there’s an MP3 session for you.

The sessions are built on over 100 years of brainwave research, and use a science known as “brainwave entrainment” to gently influence your brainwaves, bringing about the desired state in MINUTES.

Simply slip on your headphones – and get READY for RESULTS!

The Brain Salon has received praise from thousands of individuals and industry leaders across the globe, including founder David Riklan, self-esteem author Dr Joe Rubino, and three-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez.

The program was developed at BrainEv Labs by brainwave specialists Craig Tice and Joe Verona – and comes from Inspire3, the same group that brought you the world-famed Brain Evolution System.

So, if you want to seriously BOOST your energy levels, if you’d like to enjoy the BEST night’s sleep you’ve ever had, or if you’d just like to CHILL OUT a little bit more….

Are YOU ready to start controlling your state?

Would YOU like to discover the SECRET KEY to changing how you feel – just by hitting the “Play” button on your MP3 player?

The Brain Salon contains six POWERFUL sessions for bringing about EVERY major state of mind – in just 30 minutes.

So, let’s take a few minutes out to discover the six exciting sessions – all READY-TO-RUN inside the Brain Salon…

Get ready to chill out, with this deeply relaxing and re-energizing session.

You’ll return from the session feeling incredibly tranquil, recharged and grounded – with a big improvement in your mood, too!

Whenever you need a break from a stressful situation, whenever you get home from work, whenever you just want to really recharge those batteries – this is the session for you.
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Switch on your imagination, and dive into genius with this inspirational session!

You’ll return from listening brimming with ideas, thoughts, concepts, and solutions – with fresh mental connections you never before considered.

Whenever you need a little inspiration, whenever you want to nd that impossible solution, whenever you’d like to see your mind think like a creative genius – this is the session for you.
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Prepare yourself for the best night’s sleep – ever!

You’ll probably never hear the end of this session, as it gently guides you into a deep, reinvigorating slumber.

Whenever you just need a really great night’s sleep – this is absolutely the session for you.
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Get ready to switch on your mind – and conquer the world!

You’ll love the awakened buzz and general pick-me-up feeling this session gives – the perfect antidote to a lethargic mind. It’s morning caffeine in audio format!

Whenever you want to speed up your thinking, whenever you need that physical and mental edge, whenever you need to sharpen your presence – this is the session for you.
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Enjoy a brilliant boost in your mood – with this digital happy pill!

Find yourself reveling in the beauty of life, letting go of all problems and stress – and just generally being a brighter, better, happier, more fun self!

Whenever you want to cheer up before a big day, whenever you want to release stress and problems, whenever you want to really boost your happiness levels – this is the session for you.
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Instantly switch your mind to laser-sharp focus mode – and get on with the task at hand with
absolute speed and clarity.

Perfect for getting through big chunks of work, complex studying periods, or any activity where intense attention is required.

Whenever you want to put your mind into super focus mode, whenever you have intense chunks of work to complete quickly, whenever you need to sharpen your brain and get on with the job – this is the session for you.

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