Ramit Sethi- Braintrust Interviews: Elizabeth Weil

Braintrust Interviews: Elizabeth Weil  – Ramit Sethi

I’ve known Elizabeth Weil since 7th grade. And she’s mastered the balance of high performance and creativity.

A little bit about her:

She’s a partner at a top-tier venture-capital firm in Silicon Valley. Before that, she was an executive at Twitter

On the side, she runs Paperwheel, a letterpress (high-end stationery) company

Oh, btw, she’s also an ultra-marathon runner

And she also has a family and stays in touch with her friends all the time.

HOW?? How does she do it all?

That’s exactly what I wanted to ask her when I brought her into my studio for an hour-long interview. We talked about it all – the tradeoffs, where to cut corners, how to stay in touch when you’re pulled in different directions by different people.

Truthfully, Elizabeth admitted that she doesn’t have it all figured out. But she does have a few “tricks of the trade” she uses to stay on top of these demands…and ways to recharge when it becomes overwhelming.

SPECIAL NOTE: This interview will be especially interesting to the 100,000+ women in the IWT community, but it’s not just for women. If you’re curious about how top-performing women navigate the field of traditionally male-oriented industries and manage it all, we cover it in this interview.

Unfortunately, it’s become politically incorrect to talk about the differences between men and women – even though we clearly think and act differently. So in this interview, you’ll see Elizabeth and I try to unravel how to highlight our strengths and figure out the best way to live a rich life.

Does that mean making sure you’re home at 7pm every night to eat dinner with your family?

Or setting an example for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse by putting your work away and spending quality time together?

Or maybe temporarily saying, “Work is the most important thing right now,” and committing to being the best at your job?

What are the unique challenges that women have to think about…(that men don’t)?

Crafting a balance between your career and personal life can be one of the most challenging parts of being a top performer, especially when everyone wants a piece of you.

How do you create an environment where you can succeed – and stay involved in the lives of the people you care about?

To answer this question, I invited Elizabeth Weil into my Brain Trust studio to ask her how she does it. This is a rare opportunity to see a top performer pull back the veil and talk candidly about work-life balance, careers, and the demands of being a top performer.

In the full interview, you’ll learn:

What to do when you feel “stuck” in your job and know you need to get out
How to attract healthy relationships with people who will bring the best out in you – both personally and professionally
The unique challenges that ambitious women have in male-dominated industries
A simple system to keep in touch with the people you care about (never let a relationship go “cold” again)
A simple way to say “no” to things that you don’t want to do without feeling guilty


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