Brennan Dunn – Double Your Freelancing Rate

Brennan Dunn – Double Your Freelancing Rate

Name Product: Brennan Dunn – Double Your Freelancing Rate

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Double Your Freelancing Rate
The complete guide to getting paid more as a freelancer.

You want to charge your clients more, but you’re unsure about where to start. Most of us are clueless when it comes to pricing. Sure, we’re great technically — we can design a beautiful site, craft solid code, or write great copy — but we’re not all the great at selling ourselves at a higher rate.

What if you knew what clients were looking for? What if you had a framework for proposing projects at significantly higher rates than you’re charging today? What if you knew how to respond to pushback?
What if you could double your freelancing income?

Over the last two years, my course has helped over 5,200 freelancers earn more money for the same amount of effort. Like you, they became a freelancer because they wanted more freedom and flexibility. But too many of us just reverse engineer our previous salaries or use a “rate calculator” to figure out what we should be charging, and end up worse off than we were when we had a full time job!


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