Brian David Phillips – eXperiential Ecstasy Hypnosis

Brian David Phillips – eXperiential Ecstasy Hypnosis

This DVD set explains and demonstrates a number of processes through which a hypnotist can engineer experiential ecstasy or positive emotional flood states such as bliss, delight, or even erotic arousal.

The DVDs contain the following:

* Waking Suggestion and Feathers
* Suggestibility Effects: Relaxation; Hand Energy Movement; Hot & Cold
* More Suggestibility Effects: Lemon; Thirst; Eye Lock; Can’t Stand; Can’t Sit; Butt Bit; Name Sequence
* Drinking Finger
* Happy Finger
* Trigger Reinforce Emotional Flood
* Positive State Color Triggers
* Arm Pull with Garden Visualization and Positive Energy
* Hand Drop and Positive Energy Visualization
* Pleasure Set
* Orientation to Erotic Hypnosis
* Relational Transactional Analysis
* Experiential Modeling
* Contexts and Testing
* Change Hands
* Open Content Guided Imagery
* Tarot Trance
* Trance Envy and Surrendering to Trance
* Higher Self
* Group Energizer
* Positive Emotional Flood
* Engineering Experiential Ecstasy
* Ouija Dancing
* Sitting Sway Test (Energy Breathing Hands)
* Solo Ouija Dancing (Music of the Spheres)
* Finger Dance
* Anchoring
* Positive State Bliss Flood
* Energizer at the Zoo
* Blissnosis Orgasm
* . . . and more!

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