Brian Horn - The Facebook Authority Backstage Pass System

Brian Horn – The Facebook Authority Backstage Pass System

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

For the first time, I’m revealing the exact blueprint Hollywood Executives use to build passionate audiences for their movies and TV shows.

I’ll also explain how to use these same tactics to build a rabid following around you and your business.

I even show you how to do it using nothing more than your personal Facebook profile. No paid ads needed or used.

I know, I know… Keep your Facebook personal profile personal and business posts on your fan page. We’ve all heard this boilerplate, finger wagging by so called “Facebook Marketing Experts”.

What if I told you there was a way to use your personal Facebook profile to create profitable Authority exposure?

But without annoying everyone with non stop marketing noise?

Sound crazy? It works, period.

INTRO: Optimizing Your Profile – This section will ensure you have the basic structure in place to get maximum effect out of the rest of the trainng.
SECTION 1: The 90210 Formula – I go into detail explaining Hollywood’s proven method of storytelling. Then, how you’ll can apply this formula to turn yourself into the most fascinating person in your industry. Finally, how to use this to build a passionate following view you as an authority. (VALUE $99)
SECTION 2: Movie Poster Method- There is a psychology to movie posters that you can apply to images you post. In this section, you will learn these triggers. Then we go in to tactics of how to look good in pictures and how to edit with free or low cost apps. These will make your images stand out above everyone in your industry…and up your authority. (VALUE $99)
SECTION 3: Profile ReRun – This is a simple but powerful tactic to building up an insane amount of Likes and Comments on your profile pictures. Brian explains why its so important, and how you can do it in just a few minutes. (VALUE $99)
SECTION 4: Wednesday Night Opening – Ever wonder how people get their content to go viral on Facebook? Its not just about the content…there’s a repeatable strategy you can use. This is a great way to get new connections and build rapport with your target market. (VALUE $99)
SECTION 5: Overnight Celebrity – Movie stars clamor to get powerful hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern to recommend their movie because they understand the power of 3rd party endorsements. You will learn how to get powerful 3rd party endorsements of your own…and leverage that into pure power and authority. (VALUE $99)

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