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Brian Tracy – 7 Simple Steps for Setting and Achieving Your Goals PDF

Brian Tracy – 7 Simple Steps for Setting and Achieving Your Goals PDF

Sometimes I feel like I set my goals but I never follow through on them. I will look back and wonder why I failed to achieve them. Did I even try? Tracy states that “The first 10 percent of time you spend planning and organizing will often account for 90 percent of the value of the entire process.” With that being said, below are seven powerful steps that he offers to get your goal setting in order.


“1. First, dare to dream and decide exactly what you want. Clarity is the starting point of great success.

2. Second, write it down, in detail, and set a deadline. Set sub-deadlines if necessary.

3. Third, determine the additional knowledge, skills, and abilities you will need to achieve your goal—and how you will acquire them.

4. Fourth, determine the obstacles and difficulties you will have to overcome to reach your goal, and organize them in order of size and importance.

5. Fifth, determine the people, groups, and organizations whose help you will require, and decide what you will have to do for them to earn their assistance.

6. Sixth, make a detailed plan, broken down by activity and organized by priority and sequence. What is most important? What must be done first? What must be done before something else is done?

7. Seventh, seize the day and take action on your plan immediately. Do something every day to move toward your goal. Get going and keep going. Just do it.”


I encourage you to create a new success story by daring to dream big dreams! Decide what you want, put it on paper, make plans and execute!
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