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Brian Tracy – Andrew Wood & Brian Tracy – The Traits of Champions

Brian Tracy – Andrew Wood & Brian Tracy – The Traits of Champions

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You are about to embark on a very special round of golf…

A round that will maximize your talents, increase your income, and improve you life!

The Traits of Champions is a unique and powerful look into the minds and actions of golf’s greatest champions.
From them you will learn timeless tips on improving your business, your life and maybe even your game. Using the personal experience of the greatest golfers in history, the program examines the character traits that are common to all champions.

The trials, tribulations, adversity, the hopes, the dreams and the despair. The creativity, persistence and turning points to greatness before the inevitable taste of victory.

It’s all here in detail, so you can develop and enhance these traits in every aspect of your business and life, short-cutting your journey to ultimate success by months, even years.

Inspire the champion within you!

With the help of your caddie’s vast knowledge you will discover what it takes to overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of the success that you know you deserve. You will learn how to get championship performance from every aspect of your business and life.

You will discover how to increase your confidence, creativity and planning skills. You will learn how to improve your communication skills and how to win others over to your side. Find out how to boost your reputation and your image in the market- place so others seek you out.

Feel the power and excitement of championship motivation as you find yourself striving for higher performance in every aspect of your business and life. The Traits of Champions will provide all this, and more!

Here are just some of the timeless insights you will gain…

Learn of Hogan’s greatest accomplishment and how his triumph can quickly change your business and life for the better!

From Jack Nicklaus, discover the keys to superior performance and the type of motivation that fuels success for decades, both on and off the course.

From Tiger Woods, discover the little secret that can massively improve anyone’s chances of victory no matter what the game!

Join Bobby Jones at St. Andrews as he reveals to you the key to his immense and loyal following not only with his fans, but with his employees and competitors as well.

Discover how Gary Player became the luckiest golfer in the world and how you can use his discovery to rocket your business or life to greater heights!

From Greg Norman, learn the inside scoop on creating an image that propels your business to the top!

Plus much much more!
The essence of business success and personal achievement.
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